Unlimited Beliefs

By S.Kefenste

“You can’t sing, your too short, tree trunk legs, I’m ugly, I’m all alone”.

These are some of the things I heard and felt when growing up that had affected my confidence, self-love and my ability to express myself.

I remember my parents saying how scared they were to hear me sing during my school concert, they thought I was going to embarrass them.

I guess what they heard of me singing at home did not fill them with confidence.

It wasn’t until I opened my mouth and sang my heart out without a microphone, with my parents sitting at the back, they heard me sing and saw ME get an applause for my singing.

In this article in our health and wellbeing journey, we will travel on towards unlimited beliefs, making stops along the way looking at the causes of our limitations and the stories behind the beliefs that stop us from progressing in life. As we travel closer towards our destination we’ll check in with our inner beings to address and change our thoughts and encourage our conscious minds to stay present.

keeping us accountable for the things we tell

ourselves, to create a life of limitless beliefs in ourselves and our abilities.

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the don’ts, cant’s, shouldn’t and wouldn’t thoughts and feelings that prevent us from:

Achieving our goals, wishes, and dreams.

Receiving love, kindness, and happiness

Believing that we deserve to be loved, achieve our goals, live a happy fruitful life.

Limiting beliefs stem from our environments, our families and friends, as well as what we tell ourselves.

For example, I always wanted to be a famous singer, but I would tell myself that I wasn’t a good enough singer. Telling myself that stopped me from following a dream I had wanted to achieve since I was a little girl.

Breaking the cycle

Macro disbelief I had was that I wasn’t a good enough singer, however, there were many micro disbeliefs from my surroundings that built my macro thought.

It was the constantly being told to be quiet, stop making so much noise

It was we couldn’t afford singing lessons

It was never being told that I was a good singer by the people I wanted to impress. All these small occurrences, lead to my disbelief in myself as a singer.

Something happened between leaving school and going to college. I met someone who was a singer and she helped me by introducing me to the college I attended.

I changed my beliefs in my singing ability, I started writing songs, listening to music and identifying a sound in music that I liked.

While at college I learned to sing, dance and perform. It was an amazing experience, while I hadn’t become the famous superstar that I had dreamt of, I sang and performed and had stage presence that gave me such a great feeling of confidence and enjoyment in something that I’d always wanted to do, it was also a start in changing my thoughts about what I could do.

From limited to limitless

What can I do to change my beliefs?

It starts with you! The things you say to yourself and about yourself have got to come from a positive standpoint.

Negative to positive

I have so many bills and no money to pay them = negative

Imagine the statement read, I am so grateful to have more than enough money to pay myself and my bills = positive. I don’t know about you but I feel lifted already.

Become aware of your thoughts.

Every time you say, think or do something that you no doesn’t serve you well, STOP yourself in your tracks, acknowledge what your doing and change it. With this practice you’ve got to be honest with yourself, YOU keep YOU accountable, YOU take responsibility for YOU.


This is a lifestyle change not a quick practice to gain short-term relief, with lifestyle changes comes endings and new starts.

Practice what you preach

Sharing your new way, of talking your new beliefs into life, may cause your loved ones to question you, move away from you but hopefully embrace you.

I have been so grateful to my Triple growth team, who keep me in check if ever I get into a funk, they keep me accountable.

When talking they stop and challenge me immediately to change what I’ve just said. I love them for that. Remember what we talk about is what we bring about.

Surround yourself with like-minded people, I’m not suggesting cutting off your family or friends, I am encouraging the start of new friendships, new ways of talking and listening with your family and friends, new ways of expressing yourself to be heard and effective.


We have arrived at our destination, acknowledging and unlocking our unlimited beliefs, we can address the underlying issues that cause us not to believe in what we wish to receive, we can work every day towards a new positive thought process, we can consciously know that we can create the life that we want and deserve for ourselves.

Top tips

Live consciously, stay present and aware of what you do, think and say.

Live guilt-free in your consciousness, let no-one and nothing dampen your ability to create the life you desire.

Create an intentional Belief system and prepare to challenge your mindset every day. Be kind in your thoughts of other people, places and things

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