By S.Kefenste

We sometimes experience moments in life where everything is on top of us and we can’t seem to take a break. The positive way we look after ourselves surrounding moments like these increase our wellness, our self-love practices and the ability to be self-full without feeling selfish.

These are not the only times to be mindful about how we take care of ourselves, in fact setting time aside everyday ideally could increase the way you feel about life and the way you live it. We constantly tell ourselves we don’t have enough time, I am here to tell you that you do have time and you should always make time to make yourself happy. Simply doing the little things like daily affirmations and setting of intentions, Be it a nice hot bubble bath once the children have been put to bed, or an early morning gym session before work.

My definition of self-full is taking the time to put yourself first, to love and spend time doing what you enjoy and boosting your happiness.

Why is it important?

My wellness had become increasingly more important to me as I began to suffer from anxiety and realised how much our surroundings can so often be filled with negativity and ignorance, I had to remove myself from those environments.

We also know that life can seem like its constantly against us, I know now that it is better for me to remain positive than to allow negativity to enter my thoughts. Being conscious about who I am and the person I want to be is very high on my agenda.

I have found that writing in a journal has helped me relieve my brain of all that would clog my mind, I look forward to the time I set aside to write in my journal and gratitude book, where only the things I am grateful and thankful for are recorded, that’s wellness for me.

I also addressed my wellness journey through my favourite daily practice which is eating and cooking, as I learned about the food we eat and how our diets can and do affect the people we are, being a caterer it is important to serve good tasty healthy food. Delving into the world of organic food and vegetarianism, along with the raw food diet and the various superfoods available, the more I learn about the benefits of these products, and ways of life, the more I feel good about what I am putting into my body and that’s wellness for me.

Then onto the Just Sal Love regime, mixing my hair care products and spending hours, detangling, steaming, conditioning and retwisting has become a part of my self-care/ self-love regime and is definitely wellness for me, along with foot spas and diffusers, my rock salt lamp and crystals underneath my pillow, yoni steaming and booking reading all in the comforts of my home.

Me time’

How can we implement wellness in our lives? How about reading a book or your favourite magazine, getting your nails and hair done, going to the gym, going for a walk and listening to the birds in the trees, lighting candles, listening to music, dancing, meeting up with friends, writing a journal, having a massage, treating yourself and a loved one to a spa day. Wellness can be done any time of day or night consisting of what makes you feel well, happy, relaxed, calm, peaceful and enlightened etc. The key is making time to do you, to make you feel good knowing that you put yourself first.

I usually like to set Sundays as my wellness day, my usual DIY wellness day may involve my natural hair care regime, listening to my favourite music, lighting a few candles as the evening draws in, burning sage to restore balance and remove the energies, restoring the positivity and love within my space.

My practices of self-love that I happily pay for include crystal therapy, a gym membership, massage, my up and coming hairdressers appointment, the first in over 4 years and my recent day at the spa with my sistafriend.

Everyday practices could include, giving thanks as soon as you wake up, reciting daily affirmations and setting intentions or goals for the day, drinking a glass of water, all of these can be done within the first ten minutes of your day,

Our experiences are determined by us, the self-love and self-fullness we practice not only increases how we feel about ourselves it also allows others to recognise and feel good around us too.

Be the light

Be the love

Be well.

Just Sal Love




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