Letter From The Editor

“God can lead you onto a path greater than you ever imagined!”

So this is our 12th issue of Mogul Magazine. I cannot believe how quickly a year has passed by. I must start this issue with a Thank you to all our contributors, readers and social media followers. Every day you all make what we do worth it.

Halloween Fashion!

Every year Halloween is the time of year where masses dress up in quirky outfits to live out their dreams of being a cool character for the day. In this issue, we look at our favourite celebrity Halloween costumes.

MMG Regional Awards 2019

This year saw the 4th annual MMG Regional awards take place in Bristol. With winners from all over the South West participating in the night’s celebration and exclusives performances from Nolay, Wish Master and more. We have the exclusive pictures of the event and list this year’s big winners.

Winter Beauty.

Our beauty contributor wants all our readers to have the perfect puckers no matter what the weather is like. Check out her top tips on how you can keep your lips nourished and protected this winter.

Nolay Is Back!!!!

UK lyricist Nolay is back with her latest project, the mixtape “3”. The MC came with some serious fire and has made it clear she’s is not here to play about. Her new video PTSD is so smooth and shows Nolay is a fun person as well as a dope rapper. I’m excited to see what she releases next.

Love Yourself.

It is time to stop comparing yourself and your life to others. Celebrities and influencers display a life online that most people only dream of. This can lead some people to feel inadequate, unworthy and unloved. Check out our top 5 tips on how to love yourself more and not get caught up in the hype.

Issue.12 also features Mogul health, our favourite music releases, SETsquared business surgery plus more.

We are currently looking for more writers and contributors to join our team. If you are interested in finding out more please email – info@mogulmagazine.co.uk we would love to hear from you. Stunning cover model & image courtesy of Marlon Schmeiski.

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