EXCLUSIVE Interview with Hip-Hop Artist Steven Malcolm

Presenting an exclusive interview with Steven Malcolm, the dynamic hip-hop artist whose upcoming album ‘BOATS’ has been eagerly anticipated. In this in-depth conversation, Steven shares invaluable insights into the creative journey that brought ‘BOATS’ to life. Steven reveals how this album represents the culmination of his vision and execution.


As Steven looks to the future, he shares his enthusiasm for exploring new genres, hinting at the vibrant directions his music may take in upcoming releases. Don’t miss this captivating interview with Steven Malcolm, a trailblazer in the faith-driven hip-hop landscape, as he prepares to embark on his next musical voyage with ‘BOATS’.

Your highly anticipated upcoming album ‘BOATS’ is about to drop, can you give us some insights into the creative process behind this project and how it differs from your previous work?

This creative process was me putting myself in a space where I feel 100% comfortable and inspired. I flew to Amsterdam and cut the album in 2 weeks. I finally found a producer who is my ace and the chemistry is exactly how I need it to be. The inspirational environments I put myself in allowed me to create some of my best work yet. In the last half, I finished in Nashville. 


I put myself in an Airbnb, in a place in the city that inspired me, with producers who were my main guys and great friends. The end result is exactly how I planned and wanted and that is how it differs from other projects. ‘BOATS’ is 100% Steven Malcolm’s vision and execution. 

Collaborations have been a significant part of your musical journey, with notable artists like Snoop Dogg and Shaggy featured on your previous album. Can we expect any exciting collaborations on this album?

On this album, I actually have 0 features. It wasn’t intentional, more so part of a revelation, but that’s the way it worked out. I’m working on the deluxe now and plan on having some friends on that one. My 2024 will be filled with collaborations. That’s honestly been the missing link for me. 

Each track on ‘BOATS’ seems to tell a story. Can you walk us through some of the narratives or themes that listeners can expect to encounter throughout the album?

The album is about a man named Truth who is isolated in this oasis built by the broken and run by the redeemed. Due to his sacrifice of time, he is led to sit in reminisce on his life and the decisions he’s made that led him to this point. Each song is a journey through truth, abandonment, isolation, redemption, and love! 

In your opinion, what sets ‘BOATS’ apart from other hip-hop albums in terms of its lyrical content and overall message?

It’s top-tier and can’t be messed with honestly. From the message being solid and inspiring to the bars, it’s crazy. I’m from the Midwest so lyrically I’m the best there is, but with this album, I challenged myself to sing a lot more so there even icing on the cake with ‘BOATS’.

Since growing as an artist massively over these last few years How do you navigate balancing your artistic vision with industry expectations?

My goal now is that the industry learn that my artistic vision is what’s going to tip the scale of the industry. And I’ve had to go through a lot of learning lessons these last few years to get to a mature mindset to realize what it’s exactly going to take to balance that. It’s my expectation that the industry needs to keep up with this.   

How do you hope your story motivates aspiring artists who may be facing similar obstacles?

I hope they hear the music and it plants a seed and shows God can take anyone, even a fatherless kid from the ghetto and call him to be an amazing father and faithful husband. Jesus is the key to everything you seek. 

With your diverse background and influences, are there any genres or styles of music that you’re particularly drawn to exploring in future projects?

AFROBEATS!!!!!!! Afrobeats have my heart right now. I feel like it’s a gospel version of reggae. I definitely want to explore that world more.


Listen to ‘BOATS’ below:

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