Exclusive Interview: Allegra

For an exclusive chat with Mogul, Allegra reflects on her career-shaping year. Describing it as her career high, Allegra is still in awe of her collaboration with the one and only Tiesto. Dreaming big, she strives for more and is already cooking up future hits for the New Year.

2023 is almost over. Could you talk us through the year you had?

My year started off with a massive career high with my collaboration with Tiesto. I’m still pinching myself and the streams just keep coming so it’s just been really amazing. I took some much needed time out to live and really be in the moment through the summer. I came off social media and travelled and had some great life experiences. All of this is relevant because living then becomes my lyrics. I’ve spent the last few months in the studio working on new material which I can’t wait to share with you all in 2024! 

What have you learned this year?

In my career I’ve learnt to dream big because dreams do come true. In life I’ve learnt to be kinder to myself, take time to really be present and focus on my happiness and then I believe you really can achieve anything you put your mind too. 

What were some of the bigger changes you made in your life?

Taking time off social media was really refreshing and I highly recommend it to anyone. 

What is your favourite thing about being an artist?

I absolutely love making my music videos. I love the challenges thrown at me, the makeup, the styling, the crew and the energy on a set. I’m always pushing myself. I’ve been on roller skates, I’ve been in a glitter bath with a crew of 20 around me in my ‘Do What I Want’ video and drove home in my bathrobe caked in glitter. ‘He Ain’t You’ I found myself in the shower in my Spanx with a half naked guy I literally met five minutes before (chuckle).

Round & Round was just epic! I spent a month in the dance studio working so hard on that routine. And then filming it on the day in water was just wild. So many hours of fun I never want my video shoots to end haha! 

You released a new single ‘Round & Round,’ what is this track about? 

A guy who just doesn’t get that it’s over. And it’s all his fault because of his behaviour.

And he just can’t get me out of his head. As the song says… “the jokes on you” !! 

The one and only DJ legend Tiesto made a remix for ‘Round & Round,’ how did you react when you found out the fantastic news? 

I screamed very loud. My mind was blown. I was just so happy that he loved the single and wanted to work with me on the remix.

How do you follow up such an iconic collaboration? 

Well…. 2024 we have a lot in store so you will have to wait and seeeeeee!! 

Do you have a career bucket list of things you would like to achieve?

I have always wanted to record a Christmas song!! I’ve been massively inspired by Mini Webb and her Christmas release so that’s staying on the bucket list

I would love to collaborate with Rita Ora.

Release my first EP… 

So many things.. I’m only getting started.

What is the main message you want to leave your fans with? 

I would like to thank all my fans for their support it honestly means so so much to me. I can’t wait to share my new music with you all. 

And I would like to say a big happy New Year. Let’s sing and dance our way through 2024. Kisses from Allegra X

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