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Exclusive Interview: Etham

One-to-watch singer/songwriter Etham is closing this year with an exceptional body of work of acoustic ballads and inward-looking confessions titled ‘Patterns,’ out now.

On this 6-track offering, Etham soundtracks the common behavioral patterns of couples ‘running in circles rather than committing to solving the issues.’ Based on personal experiences, Etham hopes to create a safe space for others who can relate.

Celebrating the release of ‘Patterns,’ Etham opens up about his year’s highlights and headlining a show in Seoul, South Korea.

We’re slowly approaching the end of the year. How would you summarise it?

It’s been great. I’m so happy with the releases and so grateful that I got to play some unforgettable shows. This is year is definitely gonna be one to remember for a lot of reasons.

What was the peak and the pit for you?

The peak was playing my first headline show in South Kore Seoul and the pit was probably the 7 hour lay over that I thought would be a good idea. It wasn’t.

When did you first start writing songs and pursuing this career more seriously?

I started writing at around 12/13 years old and then thankfully it got a bit more serious when I was around 16

You released a  new EP ‘Patterns’on November 24th, what does this project represent to you?

It’s just filled with honest words about things I’ve been through and written in a way where I hope people can relate to it

What sort of patterns are you referring to, if you could elaborate?

It’s the type of behavioural patterns where you’re with someone you may love but it just feels like you’re running in circles, not actually committing to solving what’s broken in the relationship so the same issues rise again and again.

What artists did you discover this year that inspire you?

I’m a massive fan of Micheal Gerow, I worked with him in LA and he’s really talented.

How did you and the K-pop star GEMINI link up?

I was doing a wiring trip in South Korea November 2022 and he invited me round to his studio by reaching out on instagram and so I just went round and we played each other some music and I really loved what they were working on so after a few months we finally decided to put a song together.

You recently performed in South Korea, how was it? Was this your first time over there?

It was amazing, It was such a highlight and just really grateful to the people that came.

What would you like to dedicate more time to next year?

Try to kick old habits!

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