Name: Dici
Based in: Japan/Miami
Occupation: Musician

Website/Social Media:

Instagram: @dicimusic


Tik Tok: @dicimusic

Spotify: Dici

Facebook: Dici Music

Twitter: @DiciMusic

Youtube: @DICI

  1. Computer – I always try to keep my computer on me in case I have to do some work while I’m not home.
  2. Notepad– I keep the notepad in the bag when I wan to write lyrics/ideas.
  3. Pen– I use it to write on the notepad.
  4. SUICA– I can use the SUICA on trains in Japan. It’s a card I charge with money that I scan at the gates when I go into the train station.
  5. Air Pods Max– I’ll have these headphones on for like 8 hours a day just listening to music, watching YouTube, and making phone calls.
  6. Wet Wipes– Sometimes I’ll be walking through the street and see something that looks delicious so I keep the wet wipes on deck in case I have to sanitize.
  7. Wallet- Necessity in my daily life and I believe most people’s daily lives. Not too much to explain here.
What’s the most surprising thing you carry? 
I wouldn’t say it is too surprising but the wet wipe is the key point in this list of things I find to be one of the most versatile items in my arsenal.

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