Name: Rachele Fialco

Based in: London & US

Occupation: Makeup Artist

Website/Social Media:

Instagram: @rachelefialcobeauty


Tik Tok: @rachelefialcobeauty

  1. iPhoneUse my phone for communication, emails, social and navigating around town.
  2. Walletmy LV wallet with a keychain attached. I hate carrying too many things and having my wallet conveniently attached to my keys is easier to keep track of.
  3. Keys- need to get into my house and car.
  4. Laneige Lip BalmHate having dry/chapped lips, have been using this for a long time and am obsessed.
  5. Makeup Mascara, concealer, lip liner, lipstick (usually always with me)
  6. EarbudsI like to listen to music, podcasts and make calls when I am walking so usually always have them on me.
  7. Antibacterial Hand wipesI hate feeling like my hands are dirty so usually carry these when I am out in public and can’t wash my hands before I eat etc.
  8. GumAlways want my breath to taste and smell minty cle

What’s the most surprising thing you carry?
I have a rose quartz and a smokey quartz in by bag with with me usually!

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