Sommer Ray: All About Her Business, Beauty & The Bag!

The beautiful Sommer Ray is the queen of fitness on Instagram, a DJ touring the US, and the founder of the inspirational brand IMARAIS Beauty. Since 2015, the famous Colorado-born fitness star has garnered an impressive 26 million followers, who regularly indulge in her IG page filled with workouts, mini vlogs and photos of her glamorous yet down-to-earth lifestyle. 

Over the years, Sommer has explored many business and career opportunities, from creating her swimwear line to growing her own fitness & lifestyle channel on Youtube.

Today we caught up with the supermodel-Esq beauty to speak about her new brand IMARAIS Beauty, DJing with the music maverick Steve Aiko, the challenges of being an international influencer, plans for TV, life lessons and more. 

What is the inspiration behind your brand IMARAÏS?

When I was younger, I had overly dry skin and was acne-prone for most of my pre-teen years. Topical solutions just never seemed to work, and I always wanted to avoid heavy medications or chemicals. This was a huge inspiration behind starting IMARAÏS Beauty, as I’ve always thought that we don’t need 12-step topical skincare regimes – we need long-lasting solutions with effective ingredients! Our Glow skincare gummies have just undergone a study with Princeton Consumer Research which found a 17.75% improvement in skin hydration, and 91% of our participants reported that their skin felt and looked more moisturised. As far as we know, this is one of the first-ever studies on the clinical benefits of ingestible skincare. That excites me! I wanted to disrupt the beauty space by simplifying daily routines, and our gummies deliver on that. I’m also huge on living sustainably, which we, as a brand, are hugely proud of with our recyclable packaging and locally-sourced ingredients. 

Was there a defining moment when you knew you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

As one of the original social media influencers with a mass following, I was lucky to be given a chance to participate in pioneering internet protocol and brand creation for creators. We have a unique opportunity to be innovative with products we’re passionate about. As I got more involved with the business development side of my clothing brand, I realised I loved the creative process of bringing something to life. 

Why did you choose to create plant-based gummies?

We just wanted to create a “better gummy” – better tasting, better results and better for your body. We are plant-based and vegan, and we’re cruelty-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, carrageenan-free, and GMO-free! Most other gummies on the market are not. Our ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably in Canada, which allows us to keep a low carbon footprint, and our packaging is recyclable as it comes in paper tubes. We’re also the only ingestible beauty brand to be PETA-accredited, which we are incredibly proud of and was a defining moment for me. I’m a huge animal lover, and they are very close to my heart as I grew up surrounded by them on my family’s ranch in Colorado!

You have a massive following online. Can you share three tips with aspiring influencers who wish to follow in your footsteps?

Have fun with it, don’t take things too seriously, and always, always, ALWAYS be yourself! That applies to all aspects of life too.

What is your vision for the future of your brands?

One of our big goals for IMARAÏS is to evolve from skincare to self-care. We want to be the go-to for simple and sustainable self-care products that make our consumers feel sexy from the inside out. We have some great products in the pipeline, which we can’t wait to share! I think continuing to raise awareness of living sustainably will also be a huge focus as it’s something that I’m hugely passionate about, especially water wastage. It’s a massive issue that people don’t necessarily think about! I also plan on getting involved in some clean-up projects because I feel strongly about it.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Hmmm… determined, goofy, and always hungry. And I think anyone in my life would say the same three things.

You recently did your first DJ set in Miami. How was that experience?

It was a crazy experience! Opening up for Steve Aoki was incredible, and everyone had great energy! In all honesty, I was so nervous about going on since it was my first time performing, but it went off without a hitch, and I absolutely cannot wait to DJ in Miami again.

How do you balance managing your work life with your personal time?

I think promoting a balanced lifestyle is super important. I try to be healthy, stay active, and I think it’s also important to relax and have fun. The biggest key to balance is creating and sticking to a schedule as much as possible. Set a time to get work done, and set a time to relax. Otherwise, you’ll get burnt out or stressed!  

Today, having the perfect image can make or break your career. Can you give some advice to young people who may feel insecure about their looks?

Do something to make yourself feel confident. Put on a cute outfit, dance in the mirror, and be happy to be you! Finding something specific that makes you feel good about yourself is everything.  

What is the hardest thing about being an influencer?

It’s always hard putting yourself out there, and I think most influencers will agree that it’s insanely hard to have your life on display for millions of people to comment on and critique. There’s much hate in this world, and people feel comfortable, more now than ever, being able to spread hateful messages on social media. I think that’s why so many creators push positive notifications and self-love. You can’t let hurtful messages get to you. 

Can you see yourself getting into TV in the near future?

 Interestingly enough, we may have something in the works… Keep an eye out for some fun announcements!

Looking back, what is the most important lesson you learned about life?

Ok, weird story… but I was at a small thrift store in the desert, and as we were leaving, the clerk looked at us and said, “if you see a thunderstorm, go towards it. They’re fun.” Granted, there was a storm coming, but the way he said it sounded much more whimsical and mysterious. I think there’s a way to translate that and apply it to everyday life. Almost like, being comfortable with uncertainty.

Where can we find you online?

On Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube with the username @sommerray! Also, come give us a follow at @imaraisbeauty so you can learn about all the newness we have coming up! 

Sommer Ray’s First DJ Set In Miami!

All photo’s courtesy of @sommerray on IG

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