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Style V Trend The UK’s Number 1 platform shedding light on Black people in the fashion world.

Style V Trend is an online platform that focuses on Fashion for men and helps shed light on Black individuals who have great style and provides outfit ideas, hairstyle ideas, and more

We started this by finding a problem when we wanted to search for a new outfit or a new hairstyle. There just wasn’t anything out there for the Black gentleman. Everything out there was aimed at people we couldn’t relate to, which we believe is essential in Fashion. Our outlook on style is slightly different. Our hairstyles are different, so how else could we find inspiration.

Fashion has become a massive part of our everyday lives and can be expressed in many ways, i.e., what we wear, how we wear it, or our hair. You can see its relevance in Music, TV and Media, Social Media Etc.

Looking at the variety of other platforms in the fashion world, Black individuals are the minority in mainstream exposure.

“This is what we found troubling as so many stylish black individuals with great style and confidence can inspire others to dress well and motivate other people to share their style with the world” however, we haven’t got a platform that does this.

We have big black-owned brands but haven’t got the right models or influencers to help promote them or partner with them due to the lack of exposure of these individuals. Also, there are so many Black models, influencers and everyday people with great style and a grand vision of Fashion that needs to be shared with the world.

This is where Style V Trend comes in. Our platform will easily allow brands to find someone to help promote their product or campaign and also connect with their target consumer in one place.

When it comes to Fashion, we often take inspiration from people we can relate to; however, in the mainstream fashion world, our typical looking black model isn’t always an everyday person we can relate to, so we fail to be inspired by them.

This platform is also a place where we have it covered if you are looking for that new hairstyle or that new casual outfit. We won’t just give you one example, but we will allow you to find out where to get these items.

We believe that Fashion also helps give people confidence and motivation to be successful and contribute to an individual’s mental health. Another motto of ours is ‘You are what you wear for example if you put on an old loungewear tracksuit you will often feel laid back and not that energetic towards life that day however if you put on a sharp three-piece suit with some sharp shoes and a pocket square, that alone can push you to be your best.

We have learned from starting this journey that there are so many talented and stylish black individuals out there, some with the biggest following and influence as well but are unknown due to the lack of exposure they get. We believe we can bridge that gap between the unknown stylish and influential black individuals and the mainstream fashion world and these individuals to a place they deserve to be. 

In the future, we will diversify into Women’s Fashion and Kids fashion.

On our Instagram, you can experience a snapshot of some of the influencers we work with and some of our partnered brands. 

However, this is just a tiny slice of a massive culture we are trying to communicate to the world. 

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