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Snoh Aalegra first came onto the scene in 2017 with her captivating debut album, Feels, followed by Ugh, Those Feels Again in 2019.

Gloriously 5ft10in height, the bombshell has been hailed the next Sade Adu. Now she does not compete with the Nigerian legend, but her voice, aura, and vibe are reminiscent of the “No ordinary Love” singer.

The striking Snoh Aalegra is Iranian and was born and raised in Sweden. 

“I am 100% IRANIAN, I am a part of the population from south of Iran where people have darker complexion. I was born and raised in Sweden as a second generation immigrant. I have zero Swedish blood but I do consider myself Swedish since that is the country I grew up in.” – Tweeted by Snoh Alegrah in July 2021.

Today, she resides in LA-based and is hailed as one of this decade’s most incredible musical talents. Snoh was lucky enough to be mentored by music legend and icon Prince two years before his death, and no doubt we can subtly hear his influence in her creations. With the likes of Drake sampling her songs for his mixtape More Life and working with heavyweights such as The Neptunes, Tyler the Creator and more, witnessing her development and growth in the industry is exciting.

Here we have some of our favourite songs from Snoh Aalegra for you to vibe out and relax too.

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