Balance Your Career & Love Life

Being ambitious and determined in your career is fantastic, but how do you balance your love life with a busy work schedule? Below are a few tips to have the job you want while experiencing the fulfilling love relationship you need.

Whether you are in a relatively new relationship or have been going strong for ten years plus, it’s never going to be an easy process. Being dedicated to your high-flying career is enough to put any love connection on the ropes.

You want to complete your daily tasks, find time for your health ad fitness, plus have enough time for your partner. Of course, you do. This is the kind of balance we all want.

It’s no secret that a well-balanced, supportive lover is better and will help you be happier and more productive in your work life. So the aim is to have a positive connection with your significant other that allows just that. Let your love life flourish alongside your business.

Four simple steps

  1. Appreciate Your Partner
  2. Spice Up Your Routines
  3. Be Honest About Your Expectations

Appreciate Your Partner 

Appreciating your partner does not mean showering them with expensive gifts. Although the odd luxury item is lovely, it does not determine someones actual value. More than anything, what people in relationships crave is stability, loyalty and emotional support. Don’t be afraid to show love or say I love you. Make sure your partner feels appreciated and special. They should not ever feel like they have to compete for your love or attention. Get on the same page, build together, discuss things, make plans but most of all, let them know and show them that they are important in your life, they are valued and that you love them. 

Spice Up Your Routines

Love can become a little stale if every day is the same routine. Spice things up a little in the bedroom, go on dates, have fun together. It shouldn’t be all work and no play. Go for delicious meals, watch movies, go to luxury spas and get massages. Pamper yourself and each other. Deliberately make time for romance, make it a priority to leave the work behind for an evening or two each week and bring the loving spark back into your relationship. A little planning can go a long way. You organise a surprise date and the following week, let your partner take the lead and do the same.

Be Honest About Your Expectations

In relationships, you have to make sacrifices, and sometimes you have to do what you do not necessarily like to make your other half happy. Essentially it is all about teamwork, fairness and balance. Relationships break down when one is giving or doing more than the other. It can lead to one feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. Always be honest with your partner and be clear about what you expect from them. If they cannot give you what you need for the relationship to succeed, you were honest and open and can move on without wasting much time.

Also, you have to be willing to listen and learn because although you have expectations, I can guarantee your partner does too. Love is a two-way street, continuous and active conversation, where you both learn and grow. With growth comes growing pains, but you both become better individuals and powerful, loving couple in the process.


Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

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