3 Books to read this month

The government has revealed their plans to lift lockdown with promises to continue on the roadmap to freedom, but being indoors has not been all that bad. For many, we used the time to explore our reading lists, and with everything going haywire in the outside world, a good book can provide the escapism we need. Here we have three books to keep you delightfully entertained for the months ahead.

The Other Black Girl 

by Zakiya Dalila Harris


Today, more diversity and inclusivity in the world of publishing has been overdue, and this issue refreshingly highlighted in the debut novel by Zakiya Dalila Harris. Harris tells the story of a young Black woman’s discomfort as she is no longer the “Only” black female working at an all-white publishing company. The novel takes a bold and unique approach, leaving the reader longing to find out more with every page turned.

How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House 

By Cherie Jones


Set in Barbados, this novel reveals the way lives are interconnected. Brilliantly written, the story delves into love and crime, class and wealth, all neatly wrapped up in confusion and the emotional rollercoasters that agitate the people who live in an area going through gentrification.

Let Me Tell You What I Mean

by Joan Didion


Joan Didion is an American novelist and essayist renowned for her lucid stylistic, and incisive depictions of social unrest and psychological fragmentation. Here Didion gives us an impressive collection of works, primarily drawn from early in her career. Topics include a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, Martha Stewart and more. After receiving rave reviews, Didion fans and newbies need to add this book to their Must-read list. 

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