COVID Injection- How important is it ?

Dear Mogul Queens

Sorry it’s been awhile, I have been working frontline on ambulances in London. More recently, working in Bristol delivering vaccines.

I’m going to try and explain how the vaccine works with less science so it is easier to understand.

Why is it given in an injection?:-

Different routes are used depending what we as healthcare professionals need to achieve.

So if your are very poorly or needing a strong drug regime we will give you drugs via IV in the arm or foot or anywhere on the body that enters the venous system quickly to get around the body.

IM:- This is what you get when you have the vaccine is a very small needle straight into the muscle as this is the best area to get into the immune system.

Subcutaneous:-This is what you have if you need the drugs to be of slower pace into the body for things like blood thinners/insulin or vitamin injections.

Tablets/Patches:-Work slowly and rely on the ingestion system to break the drug down.

How do they work ?


The vaccine goes into the body it attaches to a cell that breaks down the vaccine it reads the sequence of MRNA and build protein spikes on cells. When covid enters your body spikes eventually break and these bits of spikes float off when they land on other cells your immune system recognises them and fights it with soldiers of antibodies that build a defence wall and don’t allow the covid fighters into other cells. There is no live covid in the vaccine so it cannot cause covid.

Oxford Zeneca

The vaccine goes into the body and into the cell it has the genetic instructions ready so when covid enters the body its already primed to fight a bit like a Trojan Horse. There is no live covid in the vaccine so it cannot cause covid.

So they are similar.


Anyone can have either the Pfizer or Oxford Zeneca.

Pfizer has 95 per cent efficacy but is harder to store.

Oxford Zeneca has 73 per cent efficacy but easier to store.

No one under 16 can have Pfizer no one under 18 can have Zeneca.

You cannot have either if you are pregnant due to the fact neither have been tested on pregnant women.

If you have sickle cell you can have either but the reason Pfizer is recommended is that Oxford Zeneca was not tested on anyone with sickle cell. But people have had the Oxford with no issues.

Depending on what activates your sickle cell crisis, it could cause a crisis. What I mean is, if stress is your trigger and you are stressed by the vaccine you could cause a crisis by the stress not the vaccine.

Efficacy means there was a 95 percent reduction in cases of the disease in the vaccinated group compared too the unvaccinated group in the trial for Pfizer.

Effectiveness is observations that are made after a vaccine is given taking different things into consideration. Like what groups had the vaccine, records of any reactions, was it stored correctly etc…

I took everyone of all races ages ethnicity into hospital, I myself had covid with long term covid for a further 6 months. Look out for clotting in your monthly cycles as this is another symptom. It doesn’t discriminate.

Please take a vaccine that takes less than 5 seconds into your arm to give you defence and let’s get on with loving our families, changing jobs if you hate it life is too short and I hope we get on that plane soon !

Lots of love xxxx CC


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