Letter From The Editor

“No one can make me doubt myself, I know what I can achieve, and I believe my power is in my hands.”

Happy New Years wonderful moguls.

2020 was a year none of us could have predicted. The pandemic ravaged through cities placing many in even more uncertainty. On the flip side, it was also a time for peace. It is a time to reevaluate what is important, get closer to nature, and, most importantly, get closer to yourself. A shift was taking place; some called it the great reset, I say it was a great awakening, more than ever, manifestations was coming to fruition, whether good or bad. You are the co-creator of your life. 

I am no longer afraid of what I may become; It’s like this deep burning knowingness of who I am is clearer than ever. A quiet confidence stirs deep within, a power gifted from God; it’s something we all have; it just takes courage to accept it. That’s enough about me. How have you all been? I hope all is well now that we’ve made it to the new realm, aka 2021. 

We are back after a short break with another fantastic issue.

Mogul Magazine Issue.22

TV Powerhouse Hazel-E

We catch up with reality tv royalty, Girl Code Inc founder, pr guru and viral star Hazel-E for an exclusive interview. The new mother and wife speak about her entry into Hollywood, what it takes to have longevity in the entertainment industry, and why building an empire for her daughter is on the horizon.

7 Top Collaborations of 2020

While many stores shut down and went bankrupt a few savvy powerhouse corporations in the fashion, music, and hospitality sectors teamed up. They created unique collaborations that we didn’t know we needed. From Northface & Gucci to Cardi B and Reebok, we share our 7 top partnerships of 2020.

Also featured are luxury Ghana-based luxury household products company – Mafeah African Tableware, Lyrically Justified Author Shaun Clarke, Binghi’s Boutique founder Princess Nyah, New Dancehall artist Lady Stallion, Behind The Design with Jade Mcfadden, Self-care tips for 2021 plus more.


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