Exclusive Interview With Binghi’s Boutique Founder Princess Nyah

Musician & founder of Binghis Boutique Princess Nyah

Princess Nyah is a musician, mother and savvy businesswoman with not one but two companies under her belt. The London-based beauty speaks with Mogul Magazine and shares her inspirations behind her custom fashion brand Binghi’s Boutique, balancing motherhood and if she will be releasing new music in 2021.

What inspired you to create Binghi’s Boutique? From a young age, I wanted to be in business for myself. I always designed my own t-shirts using t-shirt prints and diamontes and got asked to do t-shirts for my mates, or we would do them together. So it started from there which lead me to Binghi’s Boutique. It was not my firstborn business but definitely the one that stuck around. I feel like Binghi’s is my first child lol.

You are a famous musician with many great collaborations and hits under your belt. Was it hard for you to transition from music to fashion? Famous you know, you are too kind. There was never a transition as I started my clothing line before my first proper street single dropped. Lots of people assume I started this after, but I was doing it at the same time. Lots of music I made whilst setting up y company never got heard by anyone. I used to rap lol. I had a mix cd called the diary of a ghetto princess. I cannot describe a transition I can describe how I juggled many a day performing in the nights up and down the country only to return to my office to print orders and work on my business. 

Princess Nyah models her custom ‘Boy Bye’ Bikini

What was the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome since becoming an entrepreneur? I think the biggest challenge, and it still ongoing, is that I fail at stuff all the time. Rejection is a massive part of being a musician and being a designer. You put your heart and soul into your work. My DNA is in every song lyric, every design every photoshoot idea, so when people do not like or love, it’s hard to continue another day knowing that people do not love it. However, if you can overcome that and keep creating, keep producing and keep giving the world that little bit of you, it will all make sense one day. I try and remain as close to my core value as possible, and as long as my work is in line with that no matter the reaction of people I know I’m fulfilling my life purpose. I intend to help others reach their full potential by doing what they love. 


If you could collaborate with a fashion house who would it be and why? I am a huge Trapstar fan. I love the story behind it and also the work ethic and the culture. Id love to create a one-off piece I think it would be so dope. 


What nuggets of wisdom you have for aspiring designers? Understand the value of your business by being a genius with the numbers. Understanding what money is coming in and going out is key to any business. A great book to help you run your accounts right id PROFIT FIRST by Mike Michalowick.

To date, what achievement are you most proud of? It’s so cliche to say this, but I’m most proud of my daughter Kizzy. She is three years old and inspires me like no one else ever has. Watching a baby grow into a toddler and relentlessly never giving up on learning makes me realise the older we get, the more we get lazy and give up. She must have fallen down a zillion times, but it never discouraged her from learning to walk. If I can remember that as every hurdle i’ll be a better person.

Will 2021 see any new music releases from Princess Nyah? Girl this is the question I ask myself every day. I’m currently recording. Nothing I want to release yet, but I am having a lot of fun trying out new stuff. So who knows!

What can we expect from Binghi’s Boutique over the next year? Lots of limited releases and lots more awareness on who we are and what we stand for. 

What advice would you give to females in the fashion and music industry? Keep your knickers on tight and let people respect you first. Some people love to have a secret date with you while you think its a business meeting. If anyone reading this wants to find out about the mentor programmes, I run, please visit my website and drop an inquiry on the girl boss section. 


Where can we find you online? I’m active on my Instagram @princessnyah, and you can follow my fashion line @binghisboutique www.binghisboutique.com

Princess Nyah & daughter Kizzy

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