The Importance Of Your Pillow

By Talie

Lovers can we all take the time to appreciate these moments we share with our significant other in bed, forehead to forehead, head to chest, big spoon/ little spoon, whatever your comfort! these moments having the important heart to hearts with our partners enjoying the comfort of your pillow, this time together should give way to some of the most open and honest conversations you have with each other If your pillow could talk what would it say?

Pillow talk is by far one of the most underrated, under-appreciated moments that couples experience together. After a long day whatever you may do once your head hits that pillow it’s time to let go and for some its the only time they fully relax. I personally love to sleep in the dark and I need quiet, no visual stimulation from the TV or background music I need my zen moment.

Once in bed, you aren’t expecting any phone calls or outside distractions, kids asleep so pure undisturbed time to really check in with whoever is laying next to you. From sharing the day’s events expressing desires, dreams, hopes, insecurities, priorities to setting goals and making life-changing plans, sharing a problem that’s been playing on your mind or just expressing how your feeling, most of us will probably agree that the conversations are so broad that it’s hard to think of what we wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing during a pillow talking session!

This time is intimate and private and shouldn’t be taken for granted its easy to overlook some of the key moments in our relationships like pillow talk and not really give these moments the credit they are due, the freedom and transparency to break it all the way down at night so you can build something stronger in the morning is truly special.

For most of us we discuss our most private thoughts and feelings with our lover, things we wouldn’t talk about with anybody else, we open up and confined in them, you say things to your lover you would never say to another. Your lover knows you on a whole other level to anybody else.  Yes we all have friends and friends are important and these conversations are real too but pillow talk is unfiltered and raw, it gets the nerves going and heart racing before you ask that question that is playing on your mind for however long you been holding it in and in that instant once the question is out there your lover can calm those nerves and bring you back to a place of bliss.

Aim for a relationship where you can be 100% yourself without being judged but most importantly where the person understands and gets you and if they don’t get you they are willing to hear you out and love you anyway, these bonds are priceless. So next time you find yourself deep in meaningful, playful, sexual, spiritual, goal setting or just putting the world to rights conversations with your partner, just enjoy the moment and take in the fact that at that moment nothing is too big or small to discuss and these are the moments you would find yourself missing if they weren’t there.

Psychology fact – People are generally more honest when they are physically tired, this is why people confess things during the late night conversations

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