4 Ethical Clothing Companies


As humans, we have to do our part to look after our beautiful planet. 

Yes, we all love a bit of luxury, and by choosing to shop for ethical items, collectively we can positively impact our earth. Below are four ethical clothing companies you need


Rory & Ruby

Rory & Ruby specialises in organic and eco goodies for all the family. Their hampers and gift boxes are perfect when celebrating special moments in life. The company caters to a variety of gifting occasions. From baby showers to moving home, birthdays to retiring, Rory & Ruby ensure that shopping for unique gifts is full of joy.

Rory & Ruby’s baby and kids’ clothing are made with luxurious 100% organic cotton. The products sourced from tried and trusted artisans, suppliers and manufacturers who share Rory & Ruby’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. 



Vegan Outfitters

Vegan Outfitters make ‘Clothing for the plant-based generation’. Currently, they only sell t-shirts, but their unique, witty and sometimes provocative designs exude plant-loving greatness! All their t-shirts are “ethically made in a WRAP-certified facility, and printed with eco-friendly ink. The best part is the production process of their t-shirts leaves virtually no waste. All Vegan Outfitters products t-shirts are shipped in plastic-free packaging.”



Bamboo Clothing

Today it is hard to talk about eco-friendly products and not mention Bamboo Clothing. The highly sought after fashion brand caters to both men and women. 

“Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood trees. It needs half the land cotton to produce the same amount of fibre and doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides.” On the Bamboo clothing website, you will find a wide variety of ethical clothing items such as activewear, socks, underwear, trousers, tops and more. Aware that the clothing industry is one the worst for pollution, this planet loving company is dedicated to positively impacting the earth. 

“We’re challenging ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2030. But more than that, we’ll address every impact we have on the planet. We’ll ensure every person in our supply chain – right the way back to the growers – is paid fairly and treated with dignity. We’ve set goals for zero waste to landfill, zero pollution and zero wasted water – all by 2030. This applies to every single process from the growing of the bamboo, to the manufacture of our clothes, to the way they are recycled.” – Bamboo Clothing



Kind Clothing

Kind Clothing has fantastic designs that are perfect for many occasions. Lighthearted, and pretty is a way to describe their collection. The company proudly uses plastic-free packaging, vegan & cruelty-free, and have zero waste policy. Kind Clothing passionately contributes to reforestation by planting a tree for every sale they make as this helps reverse the effects of climate change.


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