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Life can make or break us, but through fashion, we express our individuality.  Tyson Green found his purpose when he joined the army and served his country.  Tyson then created his GSBS (Good Side Bad Side) clothing brand inspired by his past and present experiences. Now he’s adorning celebrities in his fashionable streetwear brand.

GSBS Founder Tyson Green

1. Tell us about your business or service?

GSBS was born out of the need to provide urban wears that are exclusive, well made, and affordable, and the CEO Tyson Green has taken the bull by the horns by building a high-class fashion brand that does just that.

Good Side Bad Side was inspired by the personal experiences of CEO Tyson, who dropped out of high school with minimal grades. He explored different street related jobs and decided to join the Army, after having several close brushes with the law. His years in the Army helped him gain higher educational qualifications, but he decided to move into fashion after many years of serving his country.


GSBS brand is inspired by Tyson’s past and present experiences, and as he calls it, STREET-SMART, which is a fine blend of streetwear and smart designer wear. Hollywood Actor/Comedian Affion Crockett wore GSBS to Faith Evan’s album launch party and several of his stand-up shows. Affion was also wearing GSBS on set while filming Undercover Brother 2, which resulted in Vince Swann, the lead character becoming a GSBS brand ambassador.

GSBS is making waves in LA with collaborations with several high profile celebrity stylists and style houses, leaving GSBS readily available for many A-list celebs.

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GSBS was featured in cinemas worldwide in the movie The Intent 2, and this won’t be the last time you see GSBS on the big screen, as there are still movies set for release with GSBS featured. They recently collaborated with Director/Producer Fredi Nwaka on his latest film, On The Other Foot.

CEO Tyson Green has got some exciting debuts in front of the camera in the next few months, working on set with some well-known celebrity actors, producers, and directors. So keep your eyes peeled for Tyson and GSBS.

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2. Can you share an inspirational quote that has served you well in life?


3. Where can we find you online?

Personal Instagram: @mr_gsbs

Instagram: @goodsidebadsideclothing

Facebook: @goodsidebadsideclothing

Twitter: @gsbs_clothing


Model: Rory Barber @inked_ror92 

All photo’s in this article are courtesy of: Jack Constable  @jackconstablephotography

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