Laura is the stunning bossed up CEO from London who founded her luxury hair company Schwan Hair. Her desire to normalise different textures while making women feel beautiful and confident is part of her secret recipe for success. Here we have a chat with the beauty to find out why Schwan Hair should be your first choice in hair extension.

Singer Jorja Smith wearing Schwan Hair styled by Zateesha Barbour

1. Tell us about Schwan Hair?

Schwan Hair is a luxury hair company focused on providing exclusive hair extensions that are 100% authentic. This means our customers are always receiving the highest quality hair currently available on today’s market, known as “raw hair.” The benefits of wearing raw hair rather than your traditional “virgin hair extensions” are huge because you will essentially hold pure, unprocessed hair donated from real women in Southeast Asia. Our hair is hand-picked to ensure healthy and durable tresses that will last you several years. The very touch is so soft and lush that you can instantly feel and smell the difference.

Schwan Hair is all about feeling beautiful and confident, as our brand refuses to conform to today’s unrealistic beauty standards. We want to normalise all textures, whether your hair is coarse or sleek, and encourage people to stop blending in and, instead, stand out. Our variety of hair textures will have a match for everyone, whether you are looking for volume, extra length, or a completely new look. Due to Schwan Hair extensions’ unique nature, our customers can enjoy the luxury of fuller and longer-lasting hair five times longer than the average hair bundle if well taken care of.

We have connected with many women worldwide and understand their desires and expectations of “good hair.” Paired with my science background and the extensive research conducted in the last five years, I educate about the different hair types and hair origins on our website and social media. I like to say, “hair is not just hair,” hence why investing in quality always wins. The difference in Schwan Hair is evident and supported by hundreds of customer feedback. It feels incredible to be a part of something special where our product is cause for happiness and restoring confidence.

2. Can you share an inspirational quote that has served you well in life?

“Treat people the way you want to be treated!” – this not only resonates with me on a personal level but also professionally with Schwan Hair. I am a firm believer in “the energy you put out is the energy you’re going to get back.” I put a lot of work into Schwan Hair because I strongly believe in it. It was essential to research and test the hair myself before offering it to the public. I am very hands-on every step of the way, as first and foremost, I am my biggest critic. Our logo, the colours, the sourcing, the website, and even the tone of voice and how we speak to customers directly result from this specific quote. Our mission is to inspire women, provide the best quality and most reliable hair, and always live by that example, “treat people the way you want to be treated.”

1. Raw Burmese Hair with matching closure from £95.00

2. Raw Indian Hair Straight from £85.00

3.Raw Cambodian Wavy from £95.00

4.Raw Indian Hair Curly from £95.00


3. Where can we find you online?  

Our social media handle are:

Instagram: @schwanhair

Facebook: @schwanhair

Please visit our website for more info about our hair or reach out to us at for any questions. We are always happy to help and love to hear from you.


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