Hello Again, To Our Wonderful Moguls.

“Tomorrow ain’t promised, so love who you love with all you have today.”

Welcome to another issue of Mogul Magazine. Over the past month, I have gone through many experiences and emotions. A few days ago, I sadly lost my beautiful mentor, Christina Robino. Christina was a powerful woman, a beacon of light radiating love wherever she went. From the day we were was introduced, she has always been a vocal advocate of mines, supporting the platform I am building. If I needed anything, Christina was a phone call away. Business can be cut-throat, and when people tried to rip me off or using me, she was there guiding me and telling me exactly how to deal with the situation. At every event I have ever hosted, she was there, with a big smile on her face greeting my guests and making them all feel welcomed, no matter what their background was.

The intro to this month’s magazine is nothing compared to what she meant to me. I lost a dear friend close to my heart. If I have learned anything from her, it will be to continue going forward bigger, better, braver than ever. I know she believed in me with all her heart, and that alone is enough for me not to let her down even though I can no longer hug her. Christina Robino, you will always be my inspiration. You will always be in my heart. You have made a remarkable impact on my life and encouraged me to dream big. I will honour your name and use all you have taught me. Thank you for being you.

Mogul Magazine Issue.21

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard is an eccentric artist whose music career started when she burst onto the scene with the girl group Danity Kane. A few years later, Dawn had a second installment with Diddy when she joined his group Diddy Dirty Money. Today Dawn is an independent artist, and producer with an impressive music catalogue filled. We caught up with the New Orleans singer for an exclusive interview where she speaks about the music industry, being independent, working with Diddy, her love for alternative genres, and more.

Birkin Up The Wrong Tree

Saweetie caused quite a stir across the internet when she advised women, not to date men who cannot provide. A heated debate ensued online, with many celebrities sharing their thoughts. The conversation turned racial when some people shared they thought women of colour cheapened luxury brands. In this issue, we share our perspective of society’s views of women and colour and luxury.

Also featured is celeb stylist Kollin Carter, Carlos Walker, GSBS Fashion Brand, Schwan Hair, Kala Chng, Halloween Beauty, SETsquared Business tips, Our Favourite Music Releases and more.

Would you like to join our team. If you are interested in finding out more please email – info@mogulmagazine.co.uk we would love to hear from you. Stunning cover model Dawn Richard

Images courtesy of @photonathalie Nathalie Gordon

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