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Paloma Ford opens up about healing after heartbreak, conspiracy theories & being creative during the pandemic.

Paloma Ford is a sultry, soulful, singing beauty. Her vibe is reminiscent of Sade mixed with a little Aaliyah, and her music is effortlessly timeless. Paloma’s voice is soothing and addictive, her music will speak to your soul, and her beauty will captivate you.

Today I’m on a zoom call with Paloma, the LA-born beauty is in her botanical back garden surrounded by beautiful big green plants. The palm trees blowing swiftly in the near background as she sits comfortably on a deck chair with a big smile on her face. Wearing a bikini top coupled with a fluffy white towel wrapped around her waist and her blonde hair tucked high in a messy bun- her assistant brings her a cup of herbal tea. Paloma takes a sip “Hey Mogul Magazine, Thank you for having me.” It’s my pleasure! I reply. Thank you.

Congratulations on your new EP “The X Tapes” release, it’s a beautiful body of work. How did you discover your talent for singing and songwriting? “I don’t think I ever had a discovery; I always had a love and a passion for music from an early age.”

Like many of us growing up, Paloma loved Michael Jackson and knew singing was something she always wanted to do.

“I watched Michael Jackson obsessively at the age of four and five.”

With a belief she was always going to be a star, Paloma got involved in music projects while in high school to develop her craft further and build her confidence in performing. There was no groundbreaking moment for Paloma, just her immense love for music – “it gradually became a vital part of my life.”

Paloma got her first break into the music industry in 2006 when she filled in for a background singer for Macy Gray’s House of Blues performance. A few years later, she began releasing music on YouTube, which eventually led to her collaborating with Maybach Music artist Meek Mill on his 2014 hit, “I Don’t Know.” In 2018, she dropped her critically acclaimed EP Nearly Civilized. Fast-forward to 2020, Paloma released the dreamy & chilled visuals for “Nights I Cry”. A song featured on her latest musical offering, the X Tapes. Paloma has experience of working with some of the music industry’s best artists. Her newest single ‘All For Nothing’ features music mogul Rick Ross. Since the first time I listened to it, I’ve had it on repeat. It’s now one of my favourite songs. We are all stuck at home because of the pandemic, and luckily for Paloma, it did not slow down her creativity.

Her last project ‘Nearly Civilized’ did not have many features because she wanted the project to be more about her. After completing “All For Nothing,” Paloma knew Rick Ross had the sound that was perfect for the song and reached out to see if he was up for collaborating.

“Because we’re in the pandemic, we didn’t get to work in the studio per se but sending the song to Ross and having him have a quick response and get on the track meant a lot to me. He was the only artist I felt fit the particular record. I was super interested in having him on the project as a whole.” 

“I aimed to focus on me, the music, and the message without distractions, so it was nice to have Rick Ross on there; he delivered as always, and with the video coming, he did his thing as well on that, so it was a huge blessing.”

Paloma gives thanks for her blessings and feels for the many people who experienced loss due to the pandemic. With a bigger world view, she believes as a collective; we needed to slow down. Covid-19 has forced us all to reflect and appreciate what matters in our lives.

“If we haven’t seen it yet, I think there will be something super positive that comes out for this. I’m a fashion girl; as simple as I am. I still like nice things. I want to do fun things that may cost a lot, but this has been beautiful because it brought me back down to earth doing stuff like just being out in nature. I’m rediscovering how rich and beautiful nature is.”

Outside of music, Paloma has a passion for helping others, regularly giving back to her community, making herself available and showing support to people who desperately need it.
Over the years, shes has realized its not always about big grand gestures. It’s about helping because that is what your heart has inspired you to do.

“Just the other day, it was 118° in LA. It was just so hot, my girlfriend and I were speaking, saying we couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be living outside right now, so we went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of water cases. Then we thought if they’re thirsty, they are probably hungry too, so we made 40 lunches, and we just drove around the area and a little bit of Hollywood and just gave them out. Sometimes being a celebrity, you can get caught up in the idea that you have to make everything this big thing, it’s about doing it if it’s on your heart.”

A lesson Paloma has learned is “life is what you make it”. Figure out your place in the world, and share your gift. Don’t be overly critical of yourself or get yourself down. Don’t be stuck on whom you think you should be.

“Once I stopped comparing myself as an artist and levels that I should be at, I focused more on what I want to give to the world and how I can grow as a musician. I realised I am in the industry I have made my mark, and it’s up to me to continue to grow that.

I’m in such a grateful place, having the opportunity to continue to put music out, knowing that people are interested and receptive. There is so much power in just focusing on what you have to offer because then it only becomes so much more significant, and it is authentic to you.”

Staying true to her core values, Paloma releases music that feels good to the soul. Today the music industry can be dark, and although it’s relatable to the youth, we’d be lying if we said it did not affect their well-being.

“We need more R&B and more feel-good music. I think we could never be short on that I feel as a whole in the 90s and the early 2000’s even if the music was freaky, it was fun and about making you feel good. Love was a massive part of it, the overall theme.”

“Now the music, especially for the youth, is overall depressing. I understand that it’s relatable, and many young people are going through it, but I also feel like there’s no balance. There is not a healthy balance. 

We need high vibrational music. It doesn’t have to be spiritual music but just good fun feeling music. Rap used to be so much more fun, it was more about having a good time and partying, but now I feel like its a lot darker.”

Music can set a vibrational tone, and looking at how music can affect the younger generation; we need balance.

Speaking on her overall message to the world, Paloma is incredibly optimistic and believes we need to love ourselves more. I am sure we have all heard plenty of times throughout our lives, but today more than ever we need to be reminded and learn to not be so hard on ourselves and others. 

my message is loving yourself. It is so underrated that we have so much power in ourselves, meaning we are truly limitless when we believe in ourselves. For whatever reason, I feel like society has taught us to hate ourselves in many ways, subconsciously it’s done in other ways. Look at our filters and stuff. I urge people to try to get back to a place of genuine love for yourself and be ok with yourself because it’s not an easy task. One day you can wake up and be like damn, I’m really feeling myself, and then the next day you wake up and be like oh gosh. It’s a never-ending process; you don’t just wake up and feel great for the rest of your life. So I urge people to take it easy, be easy on yourself, and love yourself.”

Speaking directly to young creatives, Paloma encourages following your passion. Whether its music, acting, art, or teaching, always do what you love. After being in the entertainment industry for many years, experience has taught Paloma to be self-sufficient and learn the business. 

You put yourself in a mind-frame saying at “18 I have to be this, this and that, by 21 I have to have this. I say just learn your craft. If this is what you want to be, then be the best at it. Learn the business because it’s more of a business than anything. The more you learn for yourself, the better position you will be tin. Even if you sign with labels, be as independent as possible. The less you have to rely on people, the better. That goes for any business, but especially in the music business, so if you are going to take steps to be in this industry, take the proper steps of protecting yourself. Learn the behind-the-scenes, read in between the lines, and the paperwork, protect yourself.”

“100% I write from my experiences and circumstances, my emotions of what I’m going through, and X Tapes is nothing short of that. Everything you hear on it is something I genuinely went through, which was essential to me.”


Paloma has deep intrinsic creativity that comes through on the X Tapes. The new EP outpours her emotional tales of love, loss, and healing.

The sentimental masterpiece is guaranteed to be a fan favourite. Lines like “Maybe my loss is a blessing and “It wasn’t love, just a lesson.” is simply powerful. We have all experienced heartbreak, and Paloma sings the words so beautifully, it’s almost therapeutic.

The inspiration behind the name the ‘X Tapes’ reflected what Paloma was emotionally going through. The first song she wrote for the project was called ‘Space.’ It was about the beginning of the end of the breakup. The overall project has a classic and nostalgic RnB vibe, dope melodies and lyrics that speak to the broken-hearted. Like many songwriters, Paloma used her music to process her emotions and start her healing process.

Everything was super genuine ‘Space’ ‘Only One’ all those were every honest moment. Even “All For Nothing” was written by Daz, she sent me that record, and every word just hit. Then I was back in the studio and changed a few things to make it fit me lyrically. It was a huge healing process to the point where now that it is time to perform those records, I have to put myself back in that space. Even though I’m not heartbroken anymore, I’m in an abundant and loving place. I was sad about what I was experiencing. I would have to say it was very healing.”

Can you share the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome since becoming a singer?

Being a woman in the industry, I have a different perspective on how I approach things now. That’s been something I struggled with in the past for sure. Although every woman has a similar story, and it is not something specific just for me. It’s just a male-dominated industry, so you have to fight for your respect, and that’s just the game. It was something I had to overcome and manage.

What do you prefer, live performances or studio sessions?

I’m so excited to do live performances. I don’t prefer studio sessions, but they are like therapy. I didn’t get the opportunity to do a tour for my first project. That is something that we are trying to organize and put together for this project. It couldn’t be worse as far as the world going through a pandemic, but it is something that I look forward to when the world opens up. We are trying to do something cool in the meantime as far as live performances. I’m looking forward to that.

If there was one song that you wish you wrote and sang, what would it be and why?

A Sade song, I’m obsessed with Sade. She has so many…I love ‘By Your Side.’ It’s one of those songs that feels like its precisely how I would want to express my love, and it’s the exact words of how I would want to say it.

Can you tell us something the fans don’t know about you?

I am a huge conspiracy theorist. Researching alien stuff, I watch Gaia a lot on my time off. I’m interested in scientific discoveries. I’m always discussing them with my brother. I’m big on having discussions about the beyond, it’s been something that I’ve been into through my teenage years, and heavily in my early 20s, you know, just researching and surrounding myself with like-minded people. I’m a truth seeker, and I love to learn. I’m always home doing stuff like that when I’m not working. I hear people calling me a socialite. I’m like yeah, I know many people. I live in LA, and it’s pretty small, but as far as what Palma is doing nine times out of 10, I’m at home stargazing, you know nerdy stuff like that.

Mogul Magazine – now that you say you’re into space and researching the stars and stuff, I can see it in your fashion, the pictures you take are very futuristic. I can see it come through in your images and the way you present yourself.

To date, what achievement makes you most proud?

My son is my proudest achievement. He is just so independent, such an independent thinker, you know, being a young mum and having him at such a young age, you’re growing up, while you’re raising your child. You’re figuring things out, and it can just go so many different ways. I’m very proud to say he’s smart; he watches me and has helped me grow up. He’s my proudest achievement.

What can we expect from you over the next year?

My music, I have X Tapes 2 that should be out this year if I have my way. So yeah, just more music, more art, and fashion. I have my hands in many things. I’m taking steps to move forward in the cannabis industry I’m excited about my ventures. I’m taking the time to learn, and I want to educate, especially women as well. I’m trying to break the taboo around it. It’s something I found to be very healing in my life. I think that education is essential. But yeah, more music for sure, lots more to come.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me at Paloma Ford on all my socials. X Tapes is available on all platforms. As for Youtube, we have more visuals to come. The “All For Nothing” video will be dropping very soon, so look out for that. I’m very proud because I wrote the treatment, and I co-directed it; it’s a compelling video.


Instagram: @PalomaFord



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