Introducing The Soulful Singer XYZelle

1. Tell us about yourself ?

I pride myself on being an 18-year-old creative singer/songwriter. I have been releasing and gaining experience as a recording artist since 2016, all while being a full-time, high achieving student through GCSEs and Alevels. I have also Co-Founded alongside my older sister, Chelle The Brand, @malditalashes, is a Bristol-based 3D lash brand.

Since starting my journey on the road to become a successful UK alternative RnB singer, I have since gained essential insights into the music industry while slowly building the foundations and rapport for a long-term stable career. Since then, I have independently released my music through Unity ThreeSixNine on all major platforms, have been booked for a series of paid performances and festival gigs, released music videos that have racked up thousands of views all combined as well as having established a name for myself with a healthy amount of fanbase for an upcoming local artist. I have also enjoyed working with some helpful individuals who have found their fair share of successes and experiences within the industry.

If there is anything about my music, it stands for self-love and self-confidence crafted as a message for the imperfect and bruised. As a female creative, I strive to share through my art, the beautiful feeling of feeling good about yourself regardless of who you are; your mistakes, bad decisions, and habits. I create my world through my romantic lyrics mixed with soulful, unique vocals entranced with hip-hop flows, creating a ‘new-school’ sung by an ‘old soul’ vibe.

2. Can you share an inspirational quote that has served you well in life?

I’m not sure of the exact quote. Still, it’s something along the lines of “you must be willing to look like a foolish amateur to be one of the greats” I think this is a good quote to remember. It especially resonates with me as a young individual who still has a lot to figure out in terms of who I am as a person and who I want to be as an artist, which involves making mistakes, wrong decisions, trials, and tribulations along the way. However, still choosing to see the great potential in me irrespectively. It’s a quote that motivates me to move forward no matter what.

3. Where can we find you online?

Instagram; @xyzelle._

Youtube: xyzelle.

Facebook: xyzelle.

Twitter: @xspaulin

Spotify: XYZELLE


All photos in this article courtesy of Xyzelle.

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