Introducing Big Scott founder of U&I Radio

1. Tell us about your business or service?

Mainstream radio always seems to bombard you with the same negative and downright rude music they seem to think the world wants to listen to! This is usually interrupted, to bring the latest death and disaster stories, happening around the world! The big boys are fighting over the big outlets, while we wait and see who will control the industry next and what will be pumped into our ears to satisfy their greedy lifestyles and other people’s egos! No wonder so many people are depressed and lost! They have lost touch with good music and what it can do for the soul!

There’s a wealth of new music out there waiting to be heard, not just by the mainstream but by you! Everyday U & I Radio receive new music submissions from Emerging & Independent Artists to well established Artists! Discovery Is listening to them!

With newer acts, they have very little experience or knowhow as to maximize their online presence to attract new followers and increase their listenership. They think a Manager will take care of that for them! This is sometimes true but mainly they are vultures who make money for doing very little!

Well, perhaps it is time for a musical/audio revolution! Technology today is making it easier for the individual to get themselves out there. To Unite & Inspire the people around you, who may just have the skills you need to achieve true recognition for your skills, is the way forward in the beginning! We are all part of the universal jigsaw called ‘Life’, and we all have a talent to bring to the table.

U & I Radio is like no other station, as we have a vested interest in helping the artist and our listeners grow and develop their mind, body, and soul!

2. Can you share an inspirational quote that has served you well in life?

“Life’s an Opportunity to Talk to the World 😊”

3. Where can we find you online?

Website –

Facebook – U&I Radio

Twitter – U&I Radio

Instagram – U&IRadio

All photos in this article courtesy of Big Scott/U&I Radio

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