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She Might Start An OnlyFans?

Blacc Chyna & Kid Buu

The last few months seemed like an end-of-the-world apocalyptic horror movie. Covid-19 came and put a stop to life as we all knew it. Families were losing loved ones; millions of people lost their jobs were with millions more furloughed due to the terrifying virus that swept across the world.
Only certain essential workers such a hospital staff, nurses, doctors, carers, shop workers and delivery drivers were allowed to continue working.
Many countries started introducing emergency schemes to support its citizens and the most vulnerable throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, many who work in the adult entertainment industry did not qualify to receive financial support.
With millions forced to stay home, a unique platform rose from the ashes to become saviour-like entities for adult entertainers.

What Is Only Fans?

Onlyfans is an online platform where adult entertainers provide exclusive content to their followers via a monthly subscription service. The price can range from £5 – £50 per month and gives fans access to exclusive exotic content that will be nowhere else on the web. Onlyfans creators offer videos, photos, and even the option to speak one-on-one for a fee.

Reality TV Star Erica Mena-Samuels Is Signed Up to Onlyfans

How Did It Start?

Before the rise of social media and the oversaturation of internet porn, the porn industry was centered around California. Porn quickly became a very lucrative business, and for many years porn stars were making thousands per shoot. This does not include the money they made from nationwide club appearances and endorsements. With the growing popularity of the internet in the early 2000s, the industry started to decline significantly. With the porn industry becoming digital, they soon found there was no way to stop people from downloading their videos and uploading to smaller sites for free.

Rapper Safaree Is On “OnlyFans” To Cash in On The Action

The smaller sites ripped porn videos and made their money from banner advertisements. Another blow that soon followed was that everyone and anyone with a camera could make porn movies and anyone could be a pornstar. This made the price per film shoot fall as there were now many options; many young women were willing to make porn movies for a much lower fee.
During this period, lots of soft-core websites were created, giving women a desire to make money online another lucrative avenue without much of the hard work. Sites such as Babestation and Glam Girls spearheaded the exotic online industry into its new direction.
Tim Stokely is a British entrepreneur who had the bright idea to create OnlyFans, which allowed influencers to develop and monetize their content. He wanted the site to be like Instagram & Twitter but with a monthly subscription fee so fans can view the influencers’ content and interact with them.

Covid-19 Boosts Online Adult Entertainment

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, the OnlyFans platform was used by people in the adult industry. The site has become even more popular during this pandemic as out-of-work sex workers and strippers have turned to OnlyFans to earn additional income. Popular influencers and celebrities from the entertainment industry have headed over to the subscription service site to cash in on the action too.

OnlyFans is the new online hustle, and with the world still being on lockdown, many have to keep the cash rolling in one way or another.

Beyonce Broke The Internet When She Mentioned OnlyFans

Our favourite music queen Beyoncé shut the internet down with her feature on Meg Thee Stallion viral hit “Savage”. On the song, Beyonce shouted out to the platform in what seemed to be a nod of approval saying “On that demon time she might start an OnlyFans”.
Not only did her mention of the platform send millions rushing over to find out what “OnlyFans” was it also led to a 15% spike in the website’s traffic within 24hrs.
Blacc Chyna was smart enough to quickly cash in by producing a documentary about some sex workers making big bucks on “OnlyFans”.

The model and entrepreneur also joined the platform and has created videos for foot fetish enthusiasts. Other celebrities that recently joined “Only Fans” are Safaree Samuels & wife Erica Mena-Samuels, singer-songwriter Lyrica Anderson, artist & executive producer Joseline Hernandez, Brooklyn based rapper Casanova, Kid Buu and more. Will you be signing up on the “OnlyFans” site?

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