Dear Mogul Ladies,

I am so excited to be able to write a section on woman’s health.

My experiences come from myself as a woman but also years of working frontline in the ambulance service, in Bristol, London & Birmingham.

I have always worked in men dominant sectors in my life which have made me a mogul woman- I am the first woman cricketer for 150 years at a local village club and some of them didn’t talk to me for a year! Did I care… no… I only started playing at the age of 38!

I want to be able to give you enough information or to have a discussion so that you as a Mogul Lady can make an informed decision about your health. I am straight to the point in the message I give but do you want someone to give you the wrong information or be fluffy about health when straight to the point is giving you the right information?

I am not here to say “you must do this or that” I do not judge, but I believe that if you have enough information you can make the right informed decision about your own body.

Every one of us is different that is what makes you unique moguls, so when a doctor prescribes a drug for example to 10 people that may have the same health concern, I don’t think that it is necessarily right, however, a doctor only has 10 minutes to give to you if they are NHS, this is not their fault but a deadline set by the powers that be. They also make a judgement before you walk in with what is on the screen, to ensure you are out of their door within 10 minutes! So my first tip is if you don’t feel right with the medication or information they give ask for a second opinion or don’t leave that room until you are happy. – Even doctors can make mistakes.

I will be talking about the following subjects over the coming months, I hope they are of interest and please please please send me a message if you want to ask I would rather someone ask and I help you than you go on alone and not get the help or advice you need.

How to have a smear test & not worry about it

How to get 5 minutes of your time back

How to live with sickle cell

Would you know how to give CPR & use an AED

Menopause & its symptoms even the young need to read this

Diabetes is livable & can be reversed

Mental strength – How we can all be better for it

Abuse – No I’m walking

Open forum let’s talk – media open line to talk about different health concerns

Sepsis what can I see

Please write in if there is a certain subject you would like to discuss.

I promise you there is not a lot I haven’t seen…I do try to unsee them but many images of people in different states of undress still haunt me from answering the 999 calls!

You have already had 5 minutes of your time by reading this so now you can go and get in with life ..ignore the person opposite and get on with being a mogul lady!

Life is not given, you can only live today as we do not know if we get a tomorrow!


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