By N.T.G

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” – Jack Canfield

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 11 months into 2018 and who can honestly say they have been true to their New Years resolutions? I’m going to bring it back to 23rd December 2009 and I was 2 months fresh out of a break up (which wasn’t a boyfriend and girlfriend break up more like a 2 years of me thinking it would turn in to something more but never did!) and I was looking forward to being single and getting my mind right after a humiliating 2 years.

So I’m on my way to chill with the girls for the festive season and I remember seeing Mr. A. Later that evening I was saying to my friends “I’m staying single for the new year and the only person I’m going to break this deal with myself for is him” They laughed and gave me words of encouragement but didn’t give it much thought you know how us girls are we got so much talk.  Boxing night rolls around quickly and we are off out to a club, we get inside, have a few drinks and Mr. A is there in a corner with a few friends and my cousin says to me look who it is, the only way ur gonna break that deal is if you go speak to him.

Me, in a alcohol, fuelled confidence does just that and walks right up to him for a chat! The thought of it now makes me cringe what must he have been thinking when he saw me approaching!  So we talk and he is nice and pays me a compliment and off I go feeling relieved and happy that he noticed me, not that he had much choice but it was a success and I did it.

I thought I would start our Mogul journey with this story because there are so many lessons to be learned from this. Be brave and take a chance on what you want, what’s the worst that can happen? Our brain will spend a lot of time telling us all of the bad outcomes of situations but rarely give us a glimpse of the possibilities if we just take a chance. And ladies please don’t hold back and miss chances thinking that Mr right is looking for you and has to find you, sometimes you will see your Mr right before he sees you, don’t wait to be whisked off your feet if you see somebody whom you think could bring something amazing into your life, take steps to reach out and make that something amazing happen for yourself.

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