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Mogul Magazine wants your content.

Send us your ideas blogs, articles, videos, pictures and opinions. Mogul Magazine is here to amplify your voice and elevate your aspirations. Sharing your content and covering topics that are of interest and benefit to you is one of our primary objectives. Submit your article idea using the form on our contact page. Don’t forget to let us know where you are from and how we can get in contact with you.

What We Want:

Opinion Pieces / Stories / Upcoming Events / Music / New Business & Product Launches / Skill-sharing / Pictures / Videos / Music Videos / Interviews

Before You Send Us A Pitch, Think About These Things:

  1. Have we done this before?
  2. How do you sum up your story/argument in one sentence?

If we’re interested in running your piece, we’ll get back to you about it, probably within 15 working days.

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