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Mogul Magazine – Your premier digital lifestyle experience

Mogul is the new and groundbreaking lifestyle magazine that is unique and has the ability to truly connect with entrepreneurs and aspiring moguls all across the globe. Our brand offers great integrated platforms to strengthen your company’s promotional strategies and add to your consumer base.


An Audience On The Cutting Edge!

Mogul readers are highly driven, creative, determined, and on the cutting edge. With an attitude that is fierce, humble and proud to be a creative or entrepreneur.

At Mogul Magazine we address a refreshing variety of entrepreneurs interests and needs including entertainment, culture, beauty, DIY, books, music, arts, fashion, food, health, crafts, celebrities, and more!

Unlike some other magazines, Mogul Magazine won’t leave our readers feeling inadequate and out of place. Our aim is to inspire unique individuals to continue creating and be the change they want to see.

Classy, inspirational and always ahead of the trend, Mogul Magazine celebrates the creative entrepreneur no matter what industry your business is serving.

With our world-wide presence and influence growing  month by month,  we are the best strategic and cost-effective media platform to advertise with. It’s time to be seen by the right audience.


Why Mogul Magazine?

Our advertising and content solutions exceed advertisers’ goals almost 100% of the time, while our innovative partnership opportunities help brands connect with audiences in new, innovative and effective ways.

  • Audience and contextual targeting
  • Content marketing
  • Custom video solutions
  • Data analytics
  • Events and experience
  • High impact advertising
  • Spur word-of-mouth promotion
  • Tap into new audiences & accelerate your growth
  • Show your authority thus increasing your credibility in your relevant industry


  • Attach your business to a worthy cause and nurture positive associations
  • Influencer and advocate programs
  • Research and insights
  • Social activation
  • Reposition your brand in the minds of your target audience
  • Company & brand visibility
  • Brand awareness & media exposure
  • Reconnect with customers
  • Generate leads
  • Showcase your product & services
  • Build business relationships


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