Ed Sheeran donates £1 MILLION to his former school in Suffolk to fund an art course after sharing his passion for painting with fans !

Singer / Song writer Ed Sheeran has donated an eye-watering £1 million to his former school in Suffolk so fans can pursue their passion for art.The singer, 32, has openly shared his love for painting on social media, and has now funded a new grant at Thomas Mills High School.The grant was revealed in a report published by The Framlingham Foundation Trust, which Ed funds, and aims to provide students with new learning resources as well as ‘a new Expressive Arts course in Year 8 introduced this year.’

Ed previously donated a similar figure to the school in 2022 to help students improve their music skills.
Nikki Scholl, head of art at the school, told The Daily Star: ‘At a time when music and the arts are recognised as being so vital in pupils’ wellbeing… this school is very well placed to support pupils’ artistic development and wellbeing. Thank you.

Ed has also previously offered financial support for music, computer studies and photography at his old school. He also previously donated to a primate school to fund music equipment including new violins and violas for pupils. The charity provides full bursaries to families who cannot afford school fee, with its latest reports showing it spent £91,000 on donations in 2022, and had a further £338,000 in funds.

Ed has previously showcased his art talents on social media, revealing in 2019 he spent an entire month painting during a break from music.Sharing snaps of his eye-catching work on Instagram, he wrote: ‘Spent an entire month since tour ended painting, which I’ve never done before. He Had so much fun doing it. If I’m honest I felt a bit useless once tour had ended, coz singing, writing and gigging is all I’ve ever known, so it’s nice to find a new way to be creative.

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