Shantel Jackson – Classy, Elegant & All About Her Business

Beautiful, classy, humble and filled with ambition to make her mark on the world. Shantel Jackson is an entrepreneur and founder of the ground-breaking luxury company Shoe Gummi

Shoe Gummi was invented to eliminate discomfort and pain when wearing high heels—making the outer-sole product perfect for stylish women who want to look good and comfortable while taking care of business. Shantel’s aesthetic is all about class, beauty and elegance, and her company Shoe Gummi is the perfect addition to her ever-expanding empire.

Shantel Jackson attended the University of Miami, where she studied advanced acting skills and psychology, and in the early 2000s, the naturally gorgeous Miss Jackson soon became a highly in-demand model, which led to her appearing in some of our favourite RnB videos. With acting skills under her belt, Shantel has starred in movies alongside Hollywood icons such as Robert Deniro, showing she is a natural talent in front of the camera and always ready for new opportunities to develop in the movie industry. More recently, the beauty landed a spot on the popular reality tv show The Platinum Life. 

Adored by powerful men worldwide, she has a history with two of the most successful men in sports and entertainment. The businesswoman has had a serious eight-year relationship with boxing mogul Floyd Mayweather and recently had a long-term relationship with rap star Nelly. 

Today Shantel is focused on building her empire and launch patented products that focus on comfort and lifestyle for elegant and classy women. We predict Shantel’s innovative Shoe Gummi products will be a household name and brand in years to come. 

It was indeed a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with the Miami-born beauty for an exclusive interview. Shantel opened up and told Mogul Magazine about her various companies Shoe Gummi & Fanci Goods, being an influencer, what the entertainment industry is really like, her beauty secrets, plans for the future and more. Enjoy! 

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