American Singer Hilary Roberts Releases New Single ‘Better Than This’.

American singer-songwriter Hilary Roberts is making a resonant return with her latest single, ‘Better Than This’. Released on Martin Luther King Day, this anthemic ballad serves as a heartfelt expression of self-reflection and commitment to positive change. Teaming up with gospel singer Brenda Ellis, the collaboration brings a unique and powerful perspective to the track. The accompanying music video, set to release on February 1st through Roberts’ own record label, Red Songbird, promises to be a moving visual representation of the song’s impactful message.


‘Better Than This’ addresses historical and ongoing issues related to prejudice, fear, and systemic oppression, offering a sincere apology to people of colour. The lyrics emphasise the importance of acknowledging past wrongs and the collective responsibility to strive for racial equality and unity.


Better Than This’ not only shows off Roberts’ incredible vocal range but also the amazing connection between herself and gospel singer Brenda Ellis, delivering this message that urges open and honest conversations as a means to overcome adversity.


Reflecting on the single, Hilary states, “The way that ‘Better Than This’ came about was when I was really upset about yet more violence, more racial tensions, and more hate. I was thinking about how there’s an apology wanted… there’s an apology needed, so I called Lady Brenda Ellis and expressed this concept that I had.”


Brenda Ellis herself stated that, “There’s healing and forgiveness; let me just say this: if we don’t forgive, what’s held in our hearts is bitterness, anger, and frustration, and the only way we can free ourselves from it is to dig deep inside our hearts; we have to search our hearts, and that means we have to go to God and say, “God, help me through this.” There’s healing in forgiveness, and when you’re healed, you can move forward in life.”


Hilary also took a moment to look back and talk about her own experiences within her own family. “I was 10 years old, and my cousin was a little baby (only two months old). My aunt flew with my cousin to Pittsburgh in the middle of a snowstorm with 2 feet of snow on the ground, and my grandfather would not let my cousin in the house. That baffled my mind because I loved my cousin so much and just could not understand that thinking at all.”


Hilary went on to say, “Fast-forward years later, I was in my 20s, and at that time, I had two beautiful biracial cousins who are amazing young men. I was visiting Granddad, and he claimed to be getting to know God better. I asked him, “How can you say that you’re getting to know God when you won’t even acknowledge your own grandchildren because of the melanin in their skin?” He said, “Well, in my day…” I said it’s not your day anymore, granddaddy.” She continues, “I began to tell him my story about alcohol and drug addiction, being trafficked, acting out in ways that were demoralising, and all the things I had done to where I possibly didn’t deserve the love. And how my cousins had achieved so much and taken the right roads in their lives. I could say things to him that no one else could. He ended up inviting both of my cousins to the next two family reunions we had. Grandma passed away after that, and we didn’t have them again.”

She concludes by expressing gratitude to the collaborators and sharing a hopeful prayer for the song to inspire positive changes in minds, hearts, and souls, contributing to the healing of humanity. “It is so important to call people out when they’re blinded by ignorance, hate, or prejudice. It’s important that I look into myself and make sure I’m representing love. Singing this song with the beautiful Brenda Ellis is such an honour. We hope that we can affect people’s hearts to the point where they’ll make a change to love more and to see the heart and character of a person rather than judging their race. Also, the message of our song can apply to so many places where there is division. I am so grateful to have been able to write this song with Damon Sharpe, Jermaine, Layton, and Brenda Ellis. We pray that it inspires you to make any changes necessary within your minds, hearts, and souls, and by doing that, we all make changes to help heal humanity.”

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