Brooke Burke what’s in Your bag ?

Name : Brooke Burke

Based : Hartford,Connecticut , US

Occupation:  American Tv personality

Knesko NanoGold Repair Collagen Face Mask

I never really travel without a really good face mask & I never want anybody to see how tired I am

Bandolier Hailey Leather Crossbody Phone Case

I gushed that the crossbody is one of my all time faves.

In my phone case, I always have cash, credit cardsthe Dancing With the Stars & I lose my phone all the time so I wear it. Super cute!

Fendi First Geometric Square Sunglasses

They’ve got the little F’s, but I also love Fendi &  while holding up the ombré shades Just to be a little cheeky about that!


Medicine, prescriptions, vitamins, Tru Niagen, all the good stuff there.

Reading Glasses

 I need them as I Can’t see anything without them.

Lumify Eye Drops

I’m So obsessed with Lumify!

These are really good and really hydrating.

Apple iPhone Charger

I always have a phone charger with me you never know when I’m gonna get back home.

Indeed Laboratories Hyaluronic Volumizing Lip Treatment

This is a new find It’s a lip plumper, a lip moisturizer.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

I love  the balm to add a bit of pigment to my pout.

Nude Envy Lip Liner

My all-time favorite lip liner while praising the product. I use it without any gloss, I use it with gloss, I use it with lipstick. This is one of those lip liners that goes with everything.

Hoop Earrings

I always has a good pair of hoops in my bag, in case i need  to step up my game, especially if I’m coming from the gym.

Genaissance De La Mer The Eye & Expression Cream

I always have eye cream I’m one of those people where I’ll put eye cream on, I’ll do it in the car, I reapply my eye cream throughout the day, there’s nothing worse than cakey eyes.

Cartier Love Bracelets With Screw

I always tighten them up and I don’t want them to fall off.

Oribe Hair Texturizing Spray

This is a must with the Amazing smells like perfume It’s nice because it’s not hairspray, it gives you a really good texture and it gives you a little bit of a dirty look in your hair.

Makeup Forever HD Skin Face Essentials Palette

the palette is my new favourite

Cream, blush, contour, shimmer, concealer … and it all fits in one!

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