What’s In Your Bag: Tammy Mariah

Name: Tammy Mariah

Based in: Northampton

Occupation: Musical artist

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Earphones :  As a music artist  it’s no surprise that music is a big part of my life and being able to listen to it anywhere is important to me.

Face wash: I like to carry a small bottle of face wash with me incase I want to remove my makeup or simply to just clean my face.

Made by Mitchell colour case: I am so happy this was made instead of all my makeup I now only need two things because of this case.

sunglasses: Sometimes it gets to bright for me especially in a fog or in rare occasions the sun comes out but either way they are a great head accessory!

Umbrella: Because I live in England need I say more

Blue light glasses:  I don’t know if these really work but honestly I feel so much better after using them my headaches disappear

Pressed Foundation: Just incase my foundation moves or I just want to cover a blemish. it also has a mirror and applicator sponge inside which is handy

Perfume: I’m not picky with scents as long as it’s floral or fruity but I always have one in my bag to keep me confident and smelling nice.


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