Juna DeFeo: What’s In Your Bag?

Juna is one half of the sibling super group, Juna N Joey. The talented star is a Singer/Songwriter, and Country Pop Music enthusiast. Born in Palm Beach, FL and recently moved to Nashville, the pairs popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with over 7.2 million collective views and a viral Tik Tok of 6.7 million. We speak with Juna, the beautiful bombshell, who gives us a look into her handbag and shares the daily items she cannot live without.
Name: Juna DeFeo
Based in: Nashville, TN
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
1. iPhone– This is obvious–actually my phone is usually never in my bag and always in my hand except when I am driving-capturing content at all times to post on my social media and in communication with our team.
2. Ford F150 Truck Keys- Because I LOVE my truck and I am grateful to have it–the minuet I get home I get in my truck for a drive–I spend way too much time in it!
3. Starbucks/Debit Card-Gotta have Starbucks in the morning it is the only way to get my day started. I have my debit card with me at all times, I never know when I will see a cute pair of boots to purchase.
4.  Buxom Lip Gloss-Lip gloss is essential so lips looks shiny and perfect at all times–camera ready! I prefer Buxom brand because the formula is top tier.
5. Airpods- These are essential for musicians especially as I am always listening to our music–living with the next song as much as possible for pre-production and for entertainment when we are on the road so I do not disturb others in the van.
6. Flash Drive-I am recording music sometimes daily and I have this flash drive  to back up my music and ready to send to radio or engineers and make sure I always have a master copy of music from wherever I am.
7. Vocalzone Throat Lozenges- These throat lozenges are usually in my bag even when I am not singing or have a show it is good to keep my throat coated and it is soothing. I buy them on Amazon and they arrive within a day.
8. Kind Bar- I always keep a Kind bar or healthy snack in my bag – with being on the road a lot I never know when I have time to eat so I keep it on hand at all times.

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