Harper Starling: Whats In Your Bag?

Harper Starling is a Milwaukee born singer. Over the years, the LA-based beauty dedicated her time refining her craft. Harper has achieved multiple top 20 Billboard dance hits throughout her career, including “Euphoria“, which reached #1. She has composed with some of the top award-winning writers/producers, including; The Jackie Boyz “Carlos Battey” (Madonna, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber), The Perry Twins (Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez), and Kasia Livingston (Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls) and more. We catch up with the creative starlet to find out what must-have beauty products she keeps in her bag.
  1. The most important item is my phone! I don’t think I can go anywhere without it. Whether it’s answering texts, calls, or emails from my manager and friends, I have to know where it is at all times! 
  2. Hot pink Kate Spade wallet – My sister bought it for me as a Christmas gift. There’s no way I’m missing that in my bag! 
  3. Hand sanitizer – I’m a germaphobe at heart so I have both hand sanitizer and hand wipes at all times! The hand wipes are more for my phone. 
  4. Spare face masks – Given the times, it helps to be extra prepared! I like going with fun prints like pineapples or flamingos. 
  5. Bach’s Rescue Pastilles – They are delicious and definitely great for moistening the vocal cords! They’re perfect for right before recording at the studio, performing on stage or even just as a little treat to myself. 
  6. Kleenex – I’m allergic to basically everything under the sun so having kleenex on me is a must. 
  7. Sunscreen (at least 50 SPF) – Skincare is a priority for me and sunscreen comes at top of that list! Even if it’s cloudy outside, I NEVER forget to put it on.  
  8. Sunglasses – the bigger the better! I probably have as many sunglasses as I do shoes. It’s my favourite accessory (aside from confidence of course!). 
What’s the most surprising thing you carry? 
A googly-eyed unicorn keychain that my manager gave me once we met in person!

Harper Starling – No More What If (Official Music Video)

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