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It is no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for years I’ve shunned fresh fruits and yoghurts, and opted for my favourite full English breakfast ladened with extra plantains, seasoned baked beans and three slices of toast. The bread is always thick and white too. I know, I know I am terrible.

More recently, I was introduced to a few alternatives that gave me a boost in energy and helped regulate my gut health, stabilised my metabolism, and, last but not least, the healthier choices tasted absolutely delicious. 

Check out my Healthy Choices breakfast list below.

Start The Day With Lizi’s Cleanse

Lizi’s Cleanse is packed with the goodness your body will thank you for. The delicious cereal has a unique mix of seeds, crunchy barley flakes, toasted oats and also contains Vitamin C and zinc, helping to neutralise your excess free radicals, protect your cells from harm, and keep them working at their very best. Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Zinc has a role in the process of cell division. Lizi’s Cleanse also contains berries such as Cranberry, raspberry & cherries, is high in Fibre and Vegan friendly.

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If you have an event coming up and want a nutritious breakfast that helps you look your best, you should try Lizi’s Super Muesli Glow. The delicious muesli is filled with tasty figs, apples, and almonds are perfect for a light yet satisfying breakfast. Lizi’s Super Muesli Glow contains selenium to keep hair and nails healthy, while vitamin B2 regulates your body’s energy supply to combat any tiredness. Currently on offer for £1.75 (normally £3.50)

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Top Tier Toast With Jason’s Sourdough Bread

Imagine fluffy, thick-sliced, quality sourdough bread lightly toasted with warm olive butter. The mixed seeds in the bread are warm, crunchy, and soft. You bite into Jason’s Sourdough bread toasted for breakfast, and at this moment, you experience heaven. Now my taste buds are tingling again.

Bread enthusiasts will LOVE Jasons Sourdough bread. Recipe No 11 Ciabattin Sourdough Meets Ciabatta is perfect whether toasted and drizzled with a sweet preserve or used to make your lunchtime sandwiches crammed with your favourite fillings. Jasons Sourdough contains a healthy portion of Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds and Spelt. The thick loaf is also Vegan Friendly. Price £1.80 

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