Changing our attitudes towards money

In the book of Ecclesiastes, found in the King James version of the Bible, we are reminded that wisdom is a defence and money is a defence. Negative experiences in childhood, which are all to common, can have terrible effects. When people do succeed as the results of hard work, for example, they sometimes feel guilty. The guilty feelings then cause them to do things to get rid of the money, to throw it away:

–        They spend it or invest it foolishly

–        They lend it or lose it

–        They engage in self-sabotage

To change our results with money, we must change our attitudes towards it. In today’s article we will share three areas you can develop so that you can benefit from the security and choice that money affords.

Change your words

A gentleman came up to me after a talk to tell me how miserable he is in his job. “But its been impossible for me to get a new job,” he said. “There’s just nothing out there. Absolutely nothing.”

While I had no way to validate his situation, my strong sense was that it was not impossible and that there is something out there. He just had not found it – yet. I encouraged him to stay positive and proactive. But I could not help but think how easily words can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. The words we speak hold power. Words have the power to create new possibilities or to close them down. Power to build relationships or to damage them. Power to lift people up or to pull them down, including you.

Psychologists have found that our subconscious mind interprets what it hears very literally. The first step in changing your attitude towards money begins with becoming aware of the language you use. Choose to speak in ways that bring out your best and make you feel positive about your ability to do, be and have what brings out your best. You are more capable of far more than you think. Realising just how capable you truly are begins the moment you decide to use words that embolden you.

Change your images

We all have “problems” – what differentiates the most successful people is how they approach them. A study published in the British Journal Of Psychology was the first to investigate the link between materialism and body image, and to show that the influence of materialism further makes women vulnerable to negative body image. University of Sussex psychologist, Eleni-Marina Ashikali, says that the results highlight the need for women to become more critical of the images and messages conveyed by the media. So, what does this have to do with changing our attitudes towards money? To make positive changes for the better, it is important to look inward and examine why your relationship with money is the way it is. To create a positive attitude towards money, control your thoughts about money. By thinking positive thoughts and using positive words to describe money, you can manifest your goals.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

–        Wayne Dyer

The best venture capitalists in the world understand the concept of viewing money with the correct lens better than most. Their success is dependent on their ability to view and use money as a tool for investments.

Here is a quick example to better illustrate this idea:

Let us say you have an extra million dollars lying around and you decide you want to finance a new car. The car payments average out to be about $800 per month.

Most people would simply buy the car outright or just start making the payments out of the extra million they have lying around.

But those with a mindset for wealth, who view money as a tool, might do something as simple as this: Place the million dollars in a savings account that yields a 1% return and then use the $833 per month accumulated interest to pay for the car.

Instead of spending money on the car and taking away from that extra million, the wealthy get to keep their million dollars and get the car too.

While a very crude example, it effectively illustrates the difference in how money is viewed and used by those with a focus on wealth. When we start to view money as a tool, that allows us to grow our wealth and do more of what we want in life, we have come one step closer to having a mindset of prosperity.

To change your words and images towards money, practice the following:

          1.    Look for solutions to your problems rather than looking at all the obstacles.

2.    Understand that your financial situation can change and improve for the better.

3.    See value in asking for help instead of struggling silently.

4.    Celebrate the small achievements (even if its slow), because you understand small steps add up to big progress.

5.    Look at money from a place of abundance.

6.    You will become more grateful for the things you already have.

7.    Manifest good things to happen.

Consider the questions above and your answers carefully. Our everyday thoughts can change our reality.

Change your environment

Your environment always wins. There is a reason why a tree’s leaves changes colour in Autumn – It is a visual signal that its adapting to its surrounding, prepping for what is ahead. Ask yourself, “Who are my top five associates?” Identify who is helping you to grow and who is holding you back. If you are determined to change your attitude towards money, this one exercise will reap huge benefits for you. Jim Rohn, an early mentor of Tony Robbins, famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend time with.” When you are trying to change your attitude towards money, and grow into the person you hope to be, it is helpful to surround yourself with people who demonstrate those qualities you aspire to achieve. Some people to consider might include mentors, colleagues, or friends who will hold you accountable to your goals.

Widen your circle and proactively seek new energy from like minded souls and remember its not just the ‘who’, but the ‘what’, that you surround yourself with that can either propel you forward… or hold you back.

Changing our attitudes towards money to create a successful lifestyle is a habit. Intentionally place yourself in situations and places that feed your growth. Use words that provide hope, inspiration, and life. When we change our view of the world from negative to positive, from lack to abundance and from liabilities to assets, acceleration and momentum build towards our goals. Finally, aligning ourselves with the people, things and places that support our vision, ensures that we ride the tide of positive association and opportunity.

Eliot Kelly is recognised as a serial Entrepreneur, and has been featured on CNN, BBC Three’s Be Your Own Boss and an extensive list of magazines and articles. His four books have been translated in over 7 languages and are sold in 29 countries, recently being shortlisted for Best Self-Help and Best Advice Books 2019 by The Author Academy. He is regarded as a top Sales, Business and Leadership Management Coach who creates opportunities for his success partner’s through financial literacy and life skills training. He is also a Professional Speaker and continues to inspire present and future entrepreneurs around the world.


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(originally posted in March 2021)

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