Increase Productivity

Are you…

Feeling Confused…

Lacking productivity…


Working long hours with no breaks…

Getting interrupted every 15 minutes…

Putting yourself in a position in your company where everyone is coming to you to make decisions about their urgent situations.

Ultimately not getting the desired results in your business?

The above are all bad habits for entrepreneurs so If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then you might be experiencing a lack of productivity in your daily routines. Today you can stop repeating bad habits, have a seat and take some notes.

*Tip: Maybe it is time for you to create a new environment. Why not redesign and redecorate your office with some awesome strategies that will soon become your new habits.

When you’ve thrown out your old time-wasting habits and you’ve created an environment that supports the productivity you will no longer need to use willpower to try to get work done.

No More Multitasking

First thing on our list is Multi-Tasking. This is pretty much a new age phenomenon and a lot of people get caught up thinking they are doing great because they can multi-task.

Here’s the kicker…You don’t multi-task! Wait… what? What you do is switch-tasking. And switch-tasking is not good when you want to be productive and finish the tasks on your to-do list.

e.g: Listening to your favourite blogger or podcast show while writing, say, a blog post or sending out important emails doesn’t work. What also doesn’t work? Creating content while constantly checking Facebook and Linkedin. When it’s time for you to do an important task for your business you must allocate time just for this and make sure you switch off all notifications. Try to use Prime Time hours which are blocks of time reserved for focused attention like creating content or a funnel to generate more leads etc. Now, this may sound boring but by mono-tasking without any interruptions for a small amount of time will ensure you accelerate your productivity.

*Tip: Set a timer, turn off all distractions and work for a short period.

It will be much easier for you to get into the flow.

Your company’s growth will accelerate and you will be more productive. You will feel pushed and determined rather than overwhelmed and pulled in 4 different direction every 10 minutes.

What are Prime Time hours? short bursts of time while dedicated to your business work.

Prime Time hours allow you to work in spurts of time. You set a timer for 30, 40 or 50 minutes, and then you solely focus and work for that amount of time. Only take a small break when the timer goes off. Working in long periods is not what we’re designed to do. We’re better off working in bursts of time allowing us to have plenty of rest breaks in between. Taking small breaks will make you better able to focus. e.g if you’ve got to write a chapter for your book, or work on a promotional plan by using your Prime Time hours will help you get the job done.

Say ‘No’ To Interruptions

In addition to your Prime Time hours, make sure you create an environment that reduces interruptions during your work time. Hang a sign on your door, turn off your phone and notifications on your computer. Do whatever helps you to limit interruptions. You can also tell your family members (if you work from home) and colleagues that these are important work hours. These are the hours that will grow your company and bring the results you desire.

Keep in mind that you’re only working in 30, 40 or 50-minute segments. Once the timer goes off then you can check your mobile, Twitter feed and return calls, etc. Interruptions distract you and drain your energy leaving you less focused for the task at hand. We have all been interrupted from a boring yet important task. Interruptions can lead to…” maybe I’ll stop for the day.” Or, “I’m so bored I’ll find something else to do.”

Interruptions do not help us to run a successful business and accelerate growth.

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