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No Shortcut To Success.

When you look on the internet today, you will find many articles and websites of people trying to sell you the formula to getting rich quick. Success is easy. Simply apply these laws or hacks, and you will be on your way to financial freedom.

Although this may be the case for a small minority, 99% of us will find the hacks and quick schemes do not work. 

In some cases, we are told knowing our life purpose will provide a shortcut to success. Even quick mental fixes that lead to success in business sounds appealing. The person that can offer a way to minimise doubt, struggle for entrepreneurs they would make a fortune overnight.

After years of research, I have to be honest with you and share – there simply isn’t.

Creating impactful, life-changing and valuable work does not come with a shortcut. There are no secret hacks or mind tricks that will lead you to success and wealth. If anything, coaching programmes that promise you such a thing are dangling a carrot in front of you. Valuable time and energy gets wasted, and we are much better off doing the hard work.

The proof is in the pudding.

If we look at some of the world’s most successful people, they all have a few critical traits in common. But guess what, a shortcut or hack to success isn’t one of them. 

Beyonce Knowles-Carter 

The entertainer started practising to be a performer from the tender age of 4/5. She practised her craft every day, never gave up. Work in the industry non-stop for 20 plus years, never took a year off. Today she has set the standard for performers in the entertainment industry and is regularly compared to the greats such as Michael Jackson. Beyonce is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, in her industry.

Oprah Winfrey

After a troubled childhood, Oprah’s embarked on a career in media and started work in 1976 at a television station in Baltimore. After many pitfalls, and setbacks she had the opportunity to host her own show

Try researching Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama and more.

You see, the one thing they all have in common is that they consistently have worked hard and remained dedicated to their craft for decades. They did not fall into success; they prepared for it. There was no Alladin’s lamp that they rubbed to get fame and an abundance of fortune.

Perception vs Reality

Some businesses seem to spring onto the scene from thin air, but the truth is that there was probably a decade of persistence, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, and toil to reach the desired goal behind the scenes. No magic formulas or secret hacks because nothing in life is easy.

When we see success stories, a spotlight is shined on success, not the graft, grit, and obstacles they had to overcome along the way. No two business has the same journey, expecting a similar route to success as another person does entrepreneurs a disservice, because it is essentially setting them to have high expectations and then when they fail, it could affect their mental health and confidence as they believe they followed all the “success step” and still no fruit has been reaped.

We have to understand that each situation is different. There is no one-size-fits-all formula to business. We need to focus on strategies, formulas, target, and small stepping stones – for this is what leads to making a valuable impact and success in business.

Points to take away

*There are no secret mind hack or one size fits all formulas to success

*95% of successful people got where they are today through decades of hard work and dedication

*Learn to focus on making a valuable impact or contribution through your business or service

*Develop yourself as you develop your business

*Never give up on your dreams

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