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3 Books To Read This Month!!!

There’s nothing like a good book to escape into, and this month we have three fantastic reads that will keep you delightfully hooked on every sentence.

Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C.Ford

In Somebody’s Daughter, Ashley C. Ford shares how she grew up captivated by hazy memories of her incarcerated father and believes she’ll finally feel complete when they eventually reunite. But after finding out the reason he got sent to prison, her self-discovery truly begins. The story is a deep and honest story about how Ford faces her family’s past and how her history informed her future.

The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson

The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson tells of Ruth, an Ivy League-educated Black engineer who lives in Chicago during the Obama inauguration in 2008. With a husband determined to start a family, she is led back to her Indiana hometown to confront her past. In the small factory town, she forges a friendship with a white middle schooler. As racial rifts deepen, Johnson makes strong points about our connections and communities.

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia

Of Women and Salt, follows three generations of women from 19th-century Cuba to modern-day Miami. In the book, Garcia makes a powerful statement about how our historical roots help us understand our place in the world and that no matter how much we may try to escape the past, it always influences the present and future.

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