CurlyTreats x Radiate Fest Unite For 2-Day Extravaganza

Meet The Two British Women Bringing Back Live Events

After a devastating year for the events sector, grassroots Festival organisers Vinna Best and Wendy Cummins have joined forces to bring back Black Cultural events in the UK. Since 2013, the two organisers have been delivering events & festivals of up to 5,000 visitors each time celebrating Black culture. Then the pandemic happened and like many others in the event industry, to protect the future of their organisations and participants and to ensure that they too could survive this pandemic, the two women decided to postpone their respective events until 2021.
Vinna Best – Founder of CurlyTreats

Now, for the first time, CURLYTREATS Natural Hair Fest and Radiate Festival are uniting to bring together the power of both brands to provide visitors with a fun and exciting memorable experience post lockdown. 4,000 visitors each day are expected to attend the two-day outdoor event at London’s iconic Crystal Palace Park. The joint festival will provide a unique experience with a variety of empowerment sessions, musical acts, fashion, art, food & markets – while strengthening the community. 

Vinna Best, Director of CURLYTREATS said:

“We’re very excited to build on our relationship with this partnership to show what a great example of collaboration over competition looks like. We carefully considered the suitability of this new location and decided that choosing an outdoor location would mean we can ensure there is enough space for all to enjoy whilst following government guidelines.”

Wendy Cummins – Founder of Radiate Festival

Wendy Cummins, Director of Radiate Festival said:

“We knew how vital it would be to create great social spaces for our Community, to ensure inclusion post-lockdown. Being part of the survival, recovery & revival of the event industry was always a key factor in our decision making, so we never gave up hope of bringing the festival back after the lockdown easing.”

As two Black women-led grassroots organisations, CURLYTREATS and Radiate Festival have always been committed to adding value to the Black British community by pushing the boundaries of possibility. During this post-pandemic recovery period, they are re-building back even better. But it is not all clear waters to the finishing line as working & planning an event right at the end of the Stage 3 lockdown means some measures will still be in place for the duo. Working with local authority officials presents the perfect opportunity to ease visitors back into socialising after such a long and stressful year. 


CURLYTREATS Fest is an impactful celebration of Black women. Promoting self-love, empowerment and challenging hair discrimination that leads to a lack of confidence. CURLYTREATS Fest is committed to creating experiences that empower Black women and girls.

About Radiate Festival

Radiate Festival hosts London’s Windrush Festival, a rich & vibrant cultural event by the local Black Community. It’s the perfect expression of the real culture & heritage of Black Londoner’s from the Caribbean who can now annually celebrate the Windrush pioneers & its many generations. 

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