The Essence Part 3 (Short Film)

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Michael ‘Buck’ Maris – photo cred Instagram

Michael ‘Buck’ Maris has long been a creative innovator on the UK scene. From managing A-List artists, writing movies, and being an all-around businessman, there seems to be no end to what the visionary can accomplish. Always the connector, which brings people together to create magic.

Ashley Chin – photo cred Instagram

Ashley Chin is no stranger to the big screen; the London-born award-winning actor has starred in many films such as Anuvahood, The Boxer, Victim, The Intent & more. Ashley is a dedicated actor who has contributed to the UK independent film industry immensely. We predict he would end up in Hollywood.

Director Myles Whittingham is an international director specialising in music videos and films. His company is Elixir Pictures, an independent production company based in London.


Myles Whittingham – photo cred Instagram

For over a decade Elixir Pictures has worked at the heart of the UK’s Urban entertainment scene, producing ground-breaking content that has pushed the culture forward. The experienced production company has made visuals with many international artists and creatives.

The Essence
In April 2019, the highly anticipated new short movie The Essence was released. The Essence is a series written by Michael ‘Buck’ Maris, Ashley Chin, directed by Myles Whittingham, Michael ‘Buck’ Maris and Ashley Chin.

Independent movie lovers worldwide enjoyed the gritty UK drama, which impressively has over three million views on Youtube. In December 2019, Michael, Ashley, and Myles collaborated again and created the thrilling series second instalment, producing The Essence pt.2.

Fast forward to December 2020 the dream team released The Essence pt.3. The movie came at the end of a turbulent year and currently has almost 500,000 views within three weeks of its release. Like the two previous short movies, Part 3 is inspired by the soundtrack of the Giggs mixtape ‘Now Or Never’.

Another fantastic achievement and we predict more impactful content to come.


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