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Pretty Frightening Halloween Make-up

By P.Campbell

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If I’m honest, this whole year has felt like a weird lucid dream, and Halloween has come around all too fast. Now usually, we’d all get to dress up and go raving with the superheroes, movie stars, ghouls, and goblins, but the biggest boogeyman of them all (Mr. C-19) had other plans. The good news is we can get creative with some Halloween inspired beauty looks and have a virtual spook fueled party. I know it’s not the same, but the quicker we all stay home and adhere to the rules, the quicker we can get back to normality.

So what do we need for our virtual Halloween parties? Nothing except our makeup kits, imagination, and a youtube tutorial or two (just being honest, hehe). Below are a few of our fave Halloween inspired looks perfect for you to try.

photo: @blackwomenincostume

That Girl Is Poison

Poison Ivy is always a favourite because she lures men in with her lustful ways. Sexy green attire, striking eye makeup, and red lips are sure to do the trick. Go the extra mile and use bedazzles on your lips and eyes.


The Sexy Devil

You can never go wrong with a sexy devil. Red is the natural colour of sex and passion, and as women, we are naturally alluring. Why not let out your naughty side with a red devil and show him you are a man-eater.

photo: Pinterest @ EliasLuna

Kool Kats and Kittens

Why be a cheetah girl? If you can, be Carol Baskin. Now she does not do much in the makeup department, but you can channel your inner prowess and create a Tiger/cat print eye shadow and lips for an extreme look. If you feel brave and want to go outside the box, dress up as the Joe Exotic, the tiger king himself, mullet and all.

Fairy Princess Sparkle Goddess

Some of us don’t like to be extreme or over the top, so opting for a sexy, sparkly, angelic look is the easy go-to.  Having a glam goddess look with eyes dazzled with pearls and gems is perfect for the celestial angelic fairy goddess babe? After all, a girl can never go wrong with sparkle

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