Facing your fears and achieving your goals


Many of us have dreams, goals and ambitions that scare the living daylights out of us. We create visions of what it’ll look like once we’ve achieved them, we might share them with others or keep them to ourselves. These dreams, goals and ambitions can be used as a method of encouragement, being the driving force from thoughts to fruition.

On the other hand we can dream so big sometimes that we scare ourselves out of achieving anything. Talking ourselves out of believing and achieving, listening to others and allowing doubt to consume us.

In this article we’ll talk about the 3 areas of my life that has been affected by stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing me to soar. The intention is to share the journey of how I turned my dreams into reality, what that reality really looked like in comparison to the vision and how to continue moving forward.


Ambition has never strayed far from me, I had my first job at age 15, wrote my first business plan at age 18 and started my first business at age 27, from baking cupcakes to running my own shop is where it began, I started off by baking cupcakes in my spare time, which went on to bread baking which led to running a stall in our local market. The thrill of it, the excitement was amazing, being my own boss felt so good. So much so that my vision to run my own bagel shop felt like the only thing I could think of. I had to do my research first, suppliers, customers, menus, costings, profit and loss margins.

While walking with my cousin one day I came across a shop i used to visit for their amazing sandwiches and salads, they were closing down and looking for a new owner to take it on.

It was my calling…. a great location, an existing business similar to what I wanted to have. It was meant to be. Or so I thought, the reality was that I panicked and ran a business I knew nothing about, I ran the business from a place of fear rather than know how and although I did a good job fear of failure and making enough to keep the business open was more important than my original plan to open a bagel shop, baking breads and cakes. I no longer had time to do either, instead I ran the business I had taken over constantly having to remind myself that it was now my shop, to do with as I wished. Eventually I got the swing of things, put my stamp on it and ran the Cafe for 3 years. So much was learned during that time like management, people, cooking and business skills. From one new chapter of my life I had learned so much, the journey hadn’t been easy it was a choice I made. A choice I am grateful for everyday, almost 6 years later and Just Love Nibbles Events Catering Bristol my catering business is live and kicking, I’m a co presenter on Ujima radio 98fm weekly, talking

The fear of losing, the sleepless nights, the anxiety associated to needing to know so much while feeling like i knew nothing. Getting over that and being able to share it with all of you makes me appreciate every sacrifice that was made to get me here.


My body is my temple…..

I’m sure many have heard the statement” my body is my temple” many of us have said it too while knowing we could be doing more to support our bold statement. Aged 27 I was diagnosed with extreme endometriosis, the worst my doctor had ever seen in her 20 years of experience. Long story short, I had major surgery, continued to experience excruciating pain on a monthly basis and knew I couldn’t continue like this. How does this compare to facing fears, well the decision I made was to stop taking over the counter medication. I decided to face the pain and go forward on my journey to wellness. I made the effort to start researching natural methods of pain relief, natural methods of cleansing my systems, natural methods that would allow me to manage the pain and continue to live my life. 3 years later, mind over matter has prevailed. I’ve not taken any medication for pain relief, I’ve experienced great relief due to yoni steaming, liver detoxing, castor oil packing, enemas, green juicing and drinking herbal teas.

When i think about the pain i used to feel, the short bouts of discomfort i get now just doesn’t  compare. Knowing that I have taken the right steps necessary to live as pain free as possible, as naturally as possible, brings me true happiness.


Have you ever just wanted to do what you wanted to do and be able to do just that? For most of us the answer is probably yes. How many of us get the chance? My choice was to go travelling after I closed the cafe, I would have enough money to go away for a few months, to rent my own place on my return and enough to continue catering from home. Sadly that wasn’t the case and all those dreams were short lived. I was able to continue my business, but travelling and moving was out the picture. Gratefully I’ve had the most amazing few years building my business and brand, meeting great people and learning new things. 3 years later and my main line of income has come to an end, January 2019, I began panic job hunting, i then started looking for a flight abroad, I found one for two weeks, then found another for 2 months. I’ve been working since age 15, never been away for more than a month. If I found a job, I’d be tied to it and unable to travel, so I looked at my savings, yes I save and so should you as long as you can. I looked once, twice and many more times. How much am I going to need to live, how much to cover my bills, how much for luxury excursions etc etc

Once I knew I could afford it and still have funds to sustain me on my return. I booked my flights, packed my bags and flew to the beautiful island of Jamaica to join my husband and family for 2 months, and 2 weeks. Finally being free to do what I want, when I want. Opportunities won’t always present themselves so when they do I take them. I could of allowed the fear of making no money affect me, or the fear of not having a job to return to stunt my thoughts and ideas. I said no to living a life I’m unhappy living. Made it out of the cold and I’m currently living my best life, sitting on the veranda, listening to the birds chirp and the trees sway while writing this article.

Fear has no place here.

My top tips when facing your fears:

In Business

Get advice and talk to people

Research, research, research!

Go to networking events

Sign up to business support sessions

Have an active business plan

Be open to learning new things, not just the things you think you need to know.

In Health

Visit the doctor

Ask for second opinions

Research alternative methods of medication and treatments

Address your diet and lifestyle choices regarding your health

In life

Set goals

Save money in several accounts including saving 10% of your earnings (if you can)

Make a vision board

Set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intentions

Reaffirm your goals, dreams, and intentions regularly.

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