Beyonce produces Lion King soundtrack The Gift!

By C.Charles

Our favourite Queen had the massive task of producing the Lion King’s soundtrack (Disney 2019).
The singer, who is the voice of Nala in the remake of the original 1994 Lion King movie, joins forces with a plethora of artists catapulting African music to the forefront. Beyonce is a genius, and tapping into the thriving and ever-expanding African Afrobeats music market is a brilliant move. I am sure it made perfect business sense, but more importantly, it was a fantastic opportunity to build bridges with the motherland through music.

Beyoncé described it as “sonic cinema” and said that the film “is a new experience of storytelling”.
The album “is influenced by everything from R&B, pop, hip hop and Afro-Beat”. Beyoncé also said that “[she] wanted to put everyone on their own journey to link the storyline” and that the songs were inspired by the remake’s storyline, which “gives the listener a chance to imagine their imagery while listening to a new contemporary interpretation”.

Now we know Queen Bey is not the first international singer to collaborate with African artists, but a whole album filled with hits is a perfect surprise. I feel like Beyonce is spoiling us and we can all agree that Christmas came early this year.

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