Less is More – Summer Beauty Hacks

By P.Campbell

We all love a little fun in the sun, but burning skin, melting makeup, and streamy smeared mascara

is no joke. The summer heat and humidity can be extreme and quickly put a stop to your poolside frolicking. We have all stepped out the house looking gorgeous, and within 30-minutes, ended up looking like an oily mess. Summer heat does not have to end your beauty slay, so below, we put together a list of some tips tricks that will help you avoid makeup dilemmas.

Facial Toner

A great way to control an oily shine throughout the day is to use a toner in the mornings. Make your toner a regular part of your skincare routine. A good toner will get rid of dead cells that sit on top of the skin. Dead cells retain unwanted oils; using a toner will help to keep your skin fresh and acne-free.

No Foundation Needed

Under the hot sun, a full face of makeup can quickly become runny. Don’t go for a full face beat, instead keep your makeup light and airy. Start with a water-based moisturiser then lightly add your favourite concealer to get rid of any spot scars or blemishes.

Matte Yourself Better

I love lip glosses, but in the summer, a matte lipstick will be the better option. Lip gloss is already runny and sticky, that combined with scorching heat, can leave your lips looking sticky and smudged. Matte lipstick stays on better because it’s not creamy, and it’s not created with mineral oils or petrolatum. It will keep a smooth finish for many hours, and be unaffected by the sun.

Bronze Babe

We all love the look of a natural glow, and thanks to natural bronzers, the sun will sparkle off our skin. Looking golden brown with a sunkissed radiance is all the glow a girl needs.

Apply your bronzer to dry skin, so you’re not left looking like a streaky tiger. Although Carole Baskin will be impressed, it’s not the look we are going for.

Eye Primers

You may want a little splash of colour, or go for the full smokey eye effect, either way, you will need a makeup primer. We all sweat a lot more in the summer, and this can lead to your eye makeup creasing or smudging. A light primer will work wonders under you colourful eye makeup.

Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is naturally prone to smearing, smudging and streaking so opting for a waterproof mascara will save you a lot of hassle.

During the summer we will be sweating and consistently be exposed to humid temperatures, so waterproof mascara will keep your lashes luscious and long. Think striking without the panda eyes.


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