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We are all stuck at home, but one place where the fun never stops is on the internet.
One of the reasons why I love browsing is because you can come across some truly unique people. Since we run a page on Instagram, we are always looking for positive, inspirational, or fun content to post. There I was minding my business when I came across a video of a guy and his mother doing a funny walk.

I had to stop what I was doing to give this video my full attention, it looked funny, but for a second, my brain couldn’t compute what I was watching. I read the captions on the video and watched it again then let out a roaring laugh. I sat there and watched the hilarious video about ten times in a row, holding my stomach with tears streaming down my face.

It was the best video I saw in a long time. The video was about people leaving the house to get a good bargain and then being disappointed because it was too late or there were conditions as to why it wasn’t a bargain after all.

It turns out Nene LA-Shiro and his awesome mother made the video. Nene-Lashiro is a celebrity clothes designer from New York who has had A-List celebrities such as Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Ashanti, Kash Doll, and Winnie Harlow wear his fabulous designs.

Here we share some of our favourite looks from the ground-breaking designer. Although Nene-Lairo is fun-loving TikToker who brings us immense joy through his humourous personality, I can see a very bright future ahead of him. I predict he will soon be at fashion week showing off his unique creations to the world. His signature style is exquisite gowns emblazoned with crystals and diamontes. His products scream opulence, and we cannot get enough of him or his fabulous designs. See some of our favourite Nene-Lashiro custom pieces on the next page.

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Nene LA-Shiro

Nene LA-Shiro Designs

Influencer Foreign White
Superstar & Rap queen Nicki Minaj
Artist Shea Coulee
Influencer Aaliyah jay
Influencer Chinese Kitty
Supermodel Winnie Harlow
Nicki Minaj
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