Megyn Kelly’s Epic Fall From Grace!!

Over the past week, there has been a fiery standoff behind the closed doors of NBC News. Popular former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly hosted the ‘Today’ on Tuesday 23rd October 2018  and started by saying “I have to give you a fair warning,”  “I’m a little fired up over Halloween costumes this morning.”

By the end of the day, Ms. Kelly, whose television stardom once looked unbreakable was in a total crisis, as she faced a storm of criticism for wondering aloud on-air why it was inappropriate for white people to dress up in blackface. Ms. Kelly believed that there is no problem in a white person doing ‘Black Face’ and doesn’t see the hurtful, racial connotations to the act. She even admitted that she did it for Halloween as a child.

By Friday, NBC announced that “Megyn Kelly Today” was no more, as the host and network battled over her exit. It seems NBC News does not want to deal with defending an employee who seems to be uneducated on some of the serious topics, which she chooses to discuss on national television.

Megyn shined while working for Fox News but had a very bumpy ride throughout her short career with NBC News. She butted heads with colleagues and management and offended celebrity guests. On top of this Megyn had weak ratings in comparison to the ‘Today’ hosts she replaced.

Ms. Kelly was trying to shake her reputation of being racially insensitive – which stemmed from her Fox News segments. Ms. Kelly secured the deal of the century when she joined NBC and was set to be paid $69 million over three years. Now she has lost her job and even her talent agent has dropped her. Below is the video of Roland Martin and trying to educate Ms. Kelly on why Blackface is never ok. Share your thoughts on the situation in the comment section below!


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