Hello Again, To Our Wonderful Moguls.

“We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow, so make sure you live &  love today”

The entire world is under a lot of pressure. There seems to be a lot of negativity going around, and it can be hard to stay focused and not be distracted.

No matter what is going on, be clear about your destination, plan for your future, these bad times do not last forever. Stay focused, when you are on your divine path many won’t understand, some will even hate you for it.

People may try to destroy you because you have a vision that they cant comprehend. Who do you think you are they will ask. They do not have your vision or walk in your shoes, leave them with their energy. Your calling is still calling you, plan and execute step by step day by day. You got this!

Pen Game On Point!!

Lyrica Anderson is a singer-songwriter with an impressive track record. She started in the music industry scoring hits for Disney, and quickly went on to write for some of the biggest superstars of our time. In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with the music maverick to find out more about her new singles, her songwriting process, motherhood, and more.

Bad Boy Of British Comedy

Dane Baptiste is Britain’s answer to Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock rolled into one. His witty yet dry sense of humour will have you crying tears with laughter. Known for his blunt views on important topics, he voices truths that many agree with even if it does ruffle a few feathers. We caught up with the British bad boy to find about his journey into comedy, his TV show Sunny D, his plans for the future, and more.

Dressed To Kill

Milan Harris is a Philadelphia born fashion designer, since she entered into the fashion world she has steadily built a solid reputation and empire. Today she is a multi-millionaire whos brand is known all over the world. Here, we take a look at some of her most-loved creations.

Issue.18 also features Pinesole & Essence – Build Your Legacy Competition (Market 7), Verzuz TV, Summer Beauty Tips, Our Favourite Music Releases, plus more.

We are currently looking for more writers and contributors to join our team. If you are interested in finding out more please email – we would love to hear from you. Stunning cover model Lyrica Anderson

Images courtesy of @photonathalie Nathalie Gordon


Mogul Magazine Issue.21 Contents

Exclusive Interview With Lyrica Anderson

Exclusive Interview With Dane Baptiste – Britain’s Bad Boy Of Comedy

Lockdown Phenomenons

New Black-Owned Food Hall Tackles Food Deserts & Seeks Funding in Washington

Avoid ‘Target Fixation’ and steer where you want to go

Milan Harris founder Milano Di Rouge

Juice Your Fruits & Vegetables

Less Is More! Summer Beauty Hacks

Saweetie, Doja Cat & Gucci Mane

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